At the beginning of the semester I ran into this problem…


My trusty backpack that I’ve used since 8th grade was just a bit too big for what I needed to bring into grad school each day. You see, I have an office, or rather a cubicle in a shared office with three others. I’ve personalized it and everything. Most of my prop type things have migrated there. So I don’t have to carry around an entire world, since I’ve got plenty of space to stash stuff.

And my “laptop” bag was too small. I made it specifically to carry my old laptop, which was a smidgeon bigger than my current one, and one or two notebooks. I have managed to stuff up to 6 slim notebooks and the laptop, but I was constantly worried about it breaking. I am planning to use it as a “round campus” bag, though.

But I really needed an in-between bag.

So I made one to fit my laptop!

I cut the back to the approximate dimensions of my laptop, adding about an inch to the width, and a few to the height, which I later cut down to size. The width of the laptop segment was maybe 2 inches? I measured the depth of my laptop to be 1 inch, and I wanted some extra clearance room, since this was non-stretch upholstery weight fabric. I forgot, though, that my laptop has some curvy sides, which also ends up adding clearance room.


The other bit of side is trapezoidal, made from an eyeballed width of fabric at the proper height, triangled, and sewn up. The front panel was just a longer version of the back. I added a top flap, which rarely seems to sit properly, but I like it. The straps were made up of scraps, and are actually comfy for being un-interfaced and un-padded.

It’s  unlined, but that’s more because I was lazy, and for the most part the seams are unfinished. All the pieces went through my serger, except the top flap, but the seams themselves aren’t backed up.

But it fits everything I need, is comfy, rather stylish at the moment, was free to me, since I was donated the fabric, and I know how to fix or remake, if the need arises.


Backpack crisis averted!


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