There’s a swimming pool in my library!


So the leather dying didn’t work out as well as I had hoped, so I got out my acrylic paints and went at it.


See? Not lovely, but for the first time working with leather dye, I think I made out well!

I washed it with some blue, but then it was a little too bright.

Then I washed it with a bit of black, forgetting that I still didn’t have any white to soften it to a dull grey.

So I then washed the entire bit in water, and wiped off most of the black. It left a nice marbled appearance to the leather.


Like an aged River Song journal.

This left me in a good mood about the state of the project.

Then I got busy, so I ended up waiting  to sand the altoids tin for a while.

Note to self. Don’t sand indoors. Perhaps wait to do it outside with a slight wind. Breathing in aluminum dust fumes was not my best decision.

By the way, I’m beginning to think that Sharpie products are little bits of miracle.

All summer I’ve been loving the Sharpies with the super fine tips, as I’ve been using them for sketching and stuff.

But my new favorite is this metallic copper one. It adheres rather well to the sanded aluminum, and even looks nice!

Not a whole lot sticks well to this aluminum. I tried to use the gold paint pen I made my Farnsworth with, but it didn’t adhere well. It might have been the pen, or that I was using it over the original altoids paint, but nevertheless.


This looks so much better. But it may need another coat.

Especially after I sanded down the altoids tin. In hindsight, this probably should have been done before the clay “water” was put in, but oh well.

A couple weeks later, meaning this past weekend, I bought some E600, and glued the tin to my leather cover. It took two tries on one of the sides, since the tin was in at an angle, making the leather sides look wonky.


So then I remembered that I still hadn’t painted the inside, so I set to work doing that.

Got it painted with the handy acrylic paints, then I covered it in modge podge to seal.

And here it is:


My swimming pool in the TARDIS journal!

Now off to finish my Belle dress…



So… I had a moment of weakness.

I went to a friend’s Masquerade themed birthday party, but that wasn’t the weakness.

I knew I didn’t have a mask, and I forgot that my contacts hadn’t quite made it up to college with me… so a mask for this party was out.

But my fingers were still itching to wetform leather.made up

And… I made an eyedrive from Doctor Who

designFirst I designed and drew the eyedrive on the leather, and cut it out.

I tooled it slightly, in the “eyeball” region to give it a nice texture, then got it wet and began to wetform it to my eye.

Imagine a roommate coming into the apartment and seeing me blow-drying my eye.

cut out and tooledThen I realized that I had made the eyedrive fit the wrong eye. Oops!

But I didn’t want to give up. So I started painting.

black paint

First came the base layer of black.

Then I mixed in some gold and gave it a few more coats!


And voila!

frontI’ve attached it to my eye with tape loops, since I couldn’t figure out another way that didn’t involve it looking like a pirate’s eyepatch. I certainly wouldn’t recommend this method for anything but short term engagements. I was able to see out of it a bit though. Out the bottom and the sides, which felt weird.

Heigh Ho

It’s been over a week since I last posted.

But I promise I’m still here.

I’ve been working at my student job quite a lot this last

And I’m taking the GREs next week. Which means studying this week.

I’ve gotten quite a lot done in the past few days, and I’ve been procrastinating on picture taking from some projects in the past weeks.

The sun has been too bright, or it’s been too late at night. I’ve been unwilling to do my hair, and put on makeup, and I hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep. Tests and such.


So all in all, I’m happy to have done what I’ve done in the past few days.

But knowing that I won’t be posting for another long time, since I’ll be studying for my future and all, I’ve got some posts prepared for the upcoming week that I’ll have¬† scheduled.


Each of the pictures I’ve got in this post represents a post that I will have up at some point this week. Not necessarily in the order they appear. I’m not that organized.

Now it’s off to work I go!


It’s been a long time now since I’ve been home, with my stash.

It’s also been a while since I’ve posted. Flying around to far places tends to mean lots of mess back at home! I’ve been cleaning. And marveling at my large and uncontrolled stash.

My stash for anything and everything, really.




For that matter, old makeup and clothing.

yarn stash 1

I’m going to be a senior in college this upcoming fall. The impending moving out phase will be happening soon. I don’t really want to drop any of these stashes, except perhaps the old makeup stash. I really should just clean that out.

It’s time to really clean up my stuff, and see exactly what I have.

yarn stash 2

I figure that I have enough stuff that I’d like to share that I’ll have a bunch of posts for this set.

For my yarn stash, I’ll be sharing the yarn that I have plans for, and the projects that have a bit of work done will also be shared.

yarn stash 3

My largest ufo project stash is included with my fabrics, so those will all be documented in their own posts eventually, but I’ll give you some peeks before then! My other fabrics will be divided like yarn, and I’ll let you know if I have plans for any of it!

fabric stash

Beads, beads, beads.

Do you like it? My projects for these are a little less planned, so it doesn’t get another post. I already took the opportunity to show you my creative process, or my attempt to at least, so you can probably tell that.

bead stash

As for the rest of my planning…

I’ll be working with some of my clothing to make it more appealing for me to wear, because some of it just doesn’t fit right. If I do anything particularly interesting, I’ll let you know. Even if not, I’ll probably make up a fun before and after post. A lot of it is just going to have to go.

You don’t have to see that though. Just the fun stuff, I promise!

Well that’s all for now! Got some more work to do!

I will leave you with a picture of my notions!

notions stash

T Minus One Year

In one year I’ll have a bachelor’s degree, and hopefully some sort of employment.

I’ll have had this blog for a year and four months or so.

I’ll also be going to Comic Con.

Which was the main inspiration for starting this blog in the first place.

I wanted to let you know what is to come in the next year, in a more updated and compact list than I have before.


TARDIS costume – Doctor Who

one year plancorded petticoat

bum roll

console skirt

bustled overskirt

underbust corset

high necked sleeveless shirt

sleeveless shrug with dangling pearl “sleeves”

time rotor necklace

hair embellishment of some sort

television monitor purse (which will attach to the corset

spats for my t-straps

Belle – Once Upon A Time

one year planLace and knit skater dress

embellishment necklace

Queen Susan – Narnia: Prince Caspian

one year planwhite underdress

blue overdress

potentially a quiver – like object

Claudia – Warehouse 13

finishedfinishing off the vest – lining and a new zipper

necklace of some sort

Steampunk base costume – potentially for Halloween. Or life in general.



corset waist skirt



Short sleeved high necked button down shirt – emerald green? I like this simple version of the drawing

Corded Petticoat with Corset


short corded petticoat


UFO #2 – Velvet and Lace Vintage Dress

Kaylee inspired dress – Firefly

Ballroom dancing gown

Refashioned Ready To Wears (so I’m willing to be ready to wear them.)


Lacy slouchy hats

Thick shawl

Some necklace making, some quote illustrations, some cards, some leatherwork.

Proceed with the ‘splaining

Did Claudia’s Farnsworth not disintegrate in the penultimate episode of this season? And then reappear in the season finale?


Well, whatever happened, I’m finished my version.


I received my lens yesterday, which nearly completed my prep.

I still had not managed to solve the problem of the combination lock, as I needed to see how big the lens would be within the tin before I could move on to cutting up the microphone tip and making a combination lock.


There were a few circles of the microphone mesh, and a few ideas about the lock that circled through my head.

With a little work from my gold paint pen, I ended up using a rubber piece that I had cut off the microphone while I was taking it apart.


The plan came together quite quickly last night.


First the cutting out of the black plastic piece. I had the cover from an old black Fivestar notebook handy, which I use to keep wall decals safe as I travel to and from dorms and college and such.


I had some extra space in the bottom of the tin that I could raise the plate structure up, so it looked more 3-d and still manage to close. I did this with a few layers of cardboard. I had to cut out a space for the wire mesh, though, so it would sit flush with the cardboard surface.

Then I cut out the circle to reveal the wire mesh, and glued on the “tuner.”


The lens needed to be glued to some paper, to give it that blank screen look.

The assembly continued, and all pieces were glued together with super glue, which currently is my only adhesive option.


And I got my finished product! Do you like it?

leftEdited: As of right now this is the end of this project. Follow it from its inception, to further planning, to sanding and painting, to the wirework, to the gold detailing, to (this) the gluing of all the components together.