Design Donnerstag – Finale in Strax

Why hello there Thursdays… I believe I have neglected you. But I come bearing gifts!

Remember my Strax drawing?

Here are my finished products!

strax straxquoteIf you happen to be interested in purchasing you can buy them here!

See you next week, Thursday!


Design Donnerstag – Embroidery Ideas


I’ve mastered you now, weekly post! I have finished you three whole days early!

Ahem. Anyway.

Welcome to my design of the week!

I’ve been thinking about embroidery. I kinda miss embroidery.

My grandmother got me hooked. White on white french knots and satin stitch got me through many an awkward moment at family gatherings, and it’s a great excuse for a pre-teen to use to avoid those boring questions about schools and activities, especially when said pre-teen is not in a school-loving mood.


I made this awesome tree design once, and an abstract swirly ocean design.

But it’s been awhile.

Now that I’ll be in a position to get my own apartment, I’ve been thinking about decorations.

Well, if I’m being honest, Apartment Therapy may have more views this week from me than I’ve checked my email.


And I am an obsessive email checker.

So here are some designs!


Design Donnerstag ~ Strax In Progress

So here we are on another Thursday!

Cause it’s still Thursday here, for another whole hour!


I started this Strax design a view weeks ago when I needed some Doctor sass in my life. I love that Christmas episode, The Snowmen.

And so I began to figure out what I would want in a Strax shirt.

I think this will end up as two shirts in the end, a shirt with Strax’s face, and another with his silhouette and the quote.

His face is missing an eye and his ears, and the quote is missing some oomph.


But it’s coming along!

And now I have a presentation to finish!

Design Donnerstag – Costume Planning

So it’s been a while since I’ve managed to get to this…
I feel bad for starting a weekly post then forgetting and not having time to keep it going.


But life got in the way. You know how it is.


So here is the latest set of designs!


I can’t lie to you… I drew these all in the last hour. But I did need these for planning my weekend.
And if you want to see how my Chip hair slide worked out, you can see it here!

Design Donnerstag – Chip

Last week I showed you something I made on the computer.

So this week I thought it was only fair to show you something I drew by hand.

But also conveniently it matches up with something I’m going to make, the best reason to sketch it, and not create it on the computer.

Introducing Chip!


Who doesn’t love the anthropomorphic teacup that has a chip in its rim?

Now that sounds a bit creepy.

But anyway, I drew Chip!

I was thinking on how I wanted to wear my hair for my Belle outfit.

And in doing so, I realized that my hair is lacking in, what’s the word. Oomph. I started researching Bump-Its.

Let me tell you, that felt like a low point. I made fun of bumpits with glee for many many years, and now I think I may just have to eat my words.  But first I’m going to check at Claires. They always have some overpriced contraptions.

Regardless of how I volumize my hair, I wanted something pretty to wear in the back, but also something in character. The rose is quite common, but I’m not the type of girl for common. A teacup is more up my alley. I’ll be tracing this onto some leather this weekend, and soon will have it at least cut out.

I’m planning on cutting out the places that I shaded in pencil, the rest is pen on sketchpad paper.

Introducing Design Donnerstag – Olaf

I’ve decided to start a weekly thing, as I love when my favorite blogs have a weekly themed day, so why shouldn’t I emulate that.

But I know that I probably won’t be searching the internet every week for cool stuff to show you, so the next best option is to show you something I’ve made. Sometimes it’ll be a t-shirt design, and sometimes a sketch. It’ll depend on the week.

I chose Thursday over Tuesday because I’ll not ever have homework due on a Thursday this semester… so I’ll have time to make this post. Honestly that’s the only reason. After all, Design Dienstag sounds better.

And if you are very lost, Donnerstag means Thursday in German, and Dienstag means Tuesday.

So, with less pomp for our circumstance, here is my first design, inspired by Disney’s Frozen:

impaledipadIf you love it, check it out on Redbubble here.