MMM15 Wrap Up

It’s nearly half a month later, but I’ve finally gotten to the wrap up.

It was a good May.

I moved (again). I took a vacation to visit my brother’s graduation. I started work on my Master’s research… I made plans for lots of makes and didn’t follow through.

What I did work a lot on was the dress for my Susan costume, since I really want that done before July, so I can get working on the TARDIS.

Here’s a pic of almost everything I wore this month (skipping over a few days for fit parameters and me made cardi only):


And my tallies. First up number of me made garments:

Shirts – 9

Bodysuit – 1

Cardigans – 3

Dresses – 3

Skirts – 2

Culottes – 1

And number of wears per type of me made garment:

Shirts – 13

Bodysuit – 1

Cardigans – 6+ (cause I’m sure I wore one on some days that I didn’t photograph)

Dresses – 5

Skirts – 4

Culottes – 1

So obviously I rewore garments. In fact, I quite often repeated outfits, cause that’s something I like. Really, I have no interest in changing that.

The one thing that I really noticed was that I need to actually work on doing all the alterations that I put into the alterations pile. Both sleeveless Archers, my blue skirt, and some others that I can’t remember are all stuffed into that pile awaiting the day that I get bored enough to fix them. But I definitely shouldn’t have waited, because it definitely limited my options… To the point that I took out a sleeveless Archer for the last day, since all it really needs is to fix the bias tape before I next wash it, since the fabric frayed beyond that.

I do need to be a better packer for trips… Not all of my trip wardrobe worked together, and since it was much cooler than I expected I couldn’t wear any of the shorts or skirts except the maxi, which made it more difficult.

And I want to rework the other skirt that I wore. It was made a year before I started the blog out of quilting cotton, and is really comfy. Shorter than I thought though… But comfy and cool in hot weather. It needs some kind of lining, though, and pockets. Definitely pockets.

What I learned through MMM?

Always have pockets!

(Actually I learned that before, but it’s worth repeating).


Week 4 (Extended) – MMM15

Guess what guys… I brought pictures!

Yes, I know. Pictures are great in the last week, but what about the first couple?

Well, one day I took a few hours and basically recreated all the outfits.

So there.

day 22

Day 22 – Purple Bronte top and cream sleeveless cardigan

This day, oh this day. I willingly went into the office (without cause or reason) and it was boring. So I needed something comfy, yet slightly entertaining. This combo certainly came to the rescue, as I could play with the cardigan all the time that I was supposed to be learning statistics mumbo jumbo.

day 23

Day 23 – Simple Staples black dress and unblogged cardigan

To recover from my unexpected trip to the office I stayed on the couch pretty much all day, so a pajama-level of comfy dress came in handy. Then when my now ex-roommate locked herself out of the old apartment, I came to the rescue, adding on the cardigan to cover up (really the armpit smell). TMI? It also was a good enough reason to get those groceries I’d been putting off.

day 24

Day 24 – Belle Mock 2 top

Another day lying around the house required another comfy outfit. Also I’m pretty sure that by the time I finished wearing all the outfits I had worn throughout the month to take pictures, I was almost unwilling to believe that non-me made clothes existed. And then I found the shorts, and had to take that back.

day 25

Day 25 -Plantain – unblogged

At this point, I moved my new couch, so that position on the wall was occupied… But I wore a cool weather Plantain, since I’d be inside and wouldn’t need to worry about the heat outside. It was on this day that I realized my air conditioning was broken.

day 26

Day 26 – Unblogged skirt

I wanted out. The heat had risen again, I had no respite in my apartment, so I left for the office again. With more intention this time to actually do something. Like learn statistics. Do you sense a theme? I grabbed this skirt that I made out of quilting cotton three years ago (pre-blog), and a tank top. I didn’t remember how short it was,perhaps because I made it to hit at around my natural waist. If it was a bit lower, it would be an appropriate length. Boy have I learned so much since this point, but I kinda want to rework this so it’ll be worn. And add pockets.

day 27

Day 27 – Nettie top

This top has gotten so much wear in the last two months, but its so comfy. Really really comfy. I think I sat around on the couch “learning statistics,” which did not require dressing up. I bet it did look weird with the shorts and with heels that night at my ballroom lesson though. Cause it was definitely too hot for jeans once I left the house.

day 28

Day 28 – Bronte

Shopping requires comfort…

day 29

Day 29 – Other Bronte

This was my first day at my new “office,” and I forgot whether it was a lax dress code. My supervisor there wears jeans and nice shirts, so I think I’ll follow through that way, but I wasn’t sure at this point. So I went with the comfortable and safe Bronte.

day 30

Day 30 – Technically nothing, but I was swarmed by my Susan dress all day? Trim is difficult people!

day 31

Day 31 – Sleeveless Archer

My alterations pile is looming, and I really should have gotten to some of it this month, but I forgot/ procrastinated. I did pull this out, though. Should fix it any day now. The fabric frayed out of some of the bias tape, which should be a quick fix, but procrastination is my nature…

So that’s May!

And what did I wear the first day of June? A RTW dress, cause the me mades I picked out would have been much too hot. Maybe when it next rains…


Week 3 – MMM15

Here’s another roundup! Next week I should be able to get some pictures of my unblogged makes to share with you!

Day 15 – Unblogged shell, again

My mom and I went on a fabric shopping binge, and I needed something comfy! This jersey shell is definitely that. It is another repeat, but what else is new? Jeans and a drapey cardigan, my favorite kind, completed the outfit.

Day 16 – Unblogged Syrah, again

Great for long car trips! I wore it with a favorite purple RTW top, and felt like the Little Mermaid all day.

Day 17 – Rainforest Purse

I feel almost like this was cheating, since I use it most every day, but I was running out of clean me-mades at this point of my trip. So I’m gonna count it!

Day 18 – Knockoff Shrug

The weather app on my phone lied to me. So I desperately needed this shrug to stay warm, since it was certainly not 82 degrees. Shorts were not enough…

Day 19 – Knockoff Shrug, again again

Always helpful among overly air conditioned places, even with jeans and a RTW top.

Day 20 – Unblogged shell, again again

I was on (and off) the road for about 12 hours. This shell provided lovely comfort.

Day 21 – Syrah again.

Paired with a cream shirt, This was the epitome of comfort for a rainy day.

Week 2 – MMM15

Here we are again… I guess I’ll jump right in!

Day 8 – Hudson pants

I stayed in all day on Friday, and I honestly wasn’t thinking I would end up wearing a me made, since I had ended up in what I had worn the previous day. I was covered in yarn sheddings though, since I was winding all my yarn into cute little cakes. I was going to count that. And then I changed into my Hudson pants.

Day 9 – Syrah skirt – unblogged

Super comfy and super easy to wear… Great for hanging around the house sewing!

Day 10 – Simple staples black dress

Again, super comfy, practically pajamas! My recipe for success!

Day 11 – Unblogged Nettie Shirt

This fabric is a dream. It feels like I’m wearing nothing, and I hate to admit it, but sometimes I have to double check. So another win! Even if the fabric is starting to pill a bit…

Day 12 – Culottes for a minute, and then my copycat hoodie

I hemmed these culottes by 9:15, because I was absolutely convinced I had a meeting. Until I didn’t. I think I’ll have to adjust the hem, since the waistband is causing the shorts to hang lower on my hips than is comfortable with the shorts aspect. But then since I knew I was baking with a friend I chose to non me made clothing until a birthday barbeque, where I adopted the hoodie. I wish I had worn jeans, since I ended up getting lots of bug bites. Not fun…

Day 13 – Refashioned me-made dress, again

So I definitely wore this last week, and I’ll have quite a few repeats this upcoming week, but it’s so comfy to travel in. Did nothing to help the itching of bug bites, so late in the day I wore jeans and a RTW top to dinner, with my knockoff hoodie to top it off!

Day 14 – Unblogged Bronte, again

What can I say? It’s comfy. I also didn’t pack for cool-ish weather, so the thickness of this shirt was quite helpful.

That’s been my week! No pictures again, but I’ve learned to accept this now. See you next week!

Week 1 – MMM15

So there aren’t really any pictures new this year in this post. This first week has been more about me moving into a new place and trying to find everything I own rather than taking pics of outfits… And I couldn’t find my comb or tripod for maybe four days.

Day 1: An unblogged as of yet Bronte top…

Yes, I am behind. Will you see this top ever? Probably… This week no. But it’s a comfy sweater knit that probably wasn’t meant for a t-shirt, but its oh so comfy. Along with a slight increase in size, as well as swinging the side seams out to be less fitted, this one is a keeper!

Day 2: An old cardigan

So this was the day I actually moved. So I wasn’t gonna sweat all over my really comfy me mades. But I did use the sweater throughout the day… Cold morning. Cold restaurant for lunch. Cold house. Cold restaurant for dinner. Trying not to die from allergies and asthma that night. You know, normal stuff!

handsDay 3: Cardigan again, and Hudson pants that night.

Some more moving, but once I was alone to unpack and settle I put on my hudson pants, a t-shirt, and a tv show… Oh wait, I didn’t have internet. This was when I watched the Lion Witch and the Wardrobe twice, and the recent movie Star Trek 3 times. Cause that’s how I roll.

Day 4: A redo of an old dress, that is unblogged…

Sensing a theme? I had this me made that I had made with some cousins, but I felt a bit frumpy with my version. Unflattering neckline and not enough room in the bust with the faux wrap top, so it always sat weird. I took it apart, and added a new top. One day I’ll tell you all about it!

brownfrontDay 5: Chocolate bodysuit and eventually a grey crocheted cropped cardigan

I always forget how much I love wearing my oversized onesie. So comfy, and so easy. And then my crocheted cardigan is great. Always.

Day 6: An unblogged top

I pattern tested this top… Super comfy and once again, I’ll let you see it sometime!




frontDay 7: Uganda dress

It was supposed to be a slightly cooler day, so I would be able to wear this with leggings. I did not think I’d be walking halfway home. Could have been better. But now I know that I really do need to put in dress weights and always keep things in the pockets.

So that’s this week’s roundup! I’ll try to keep you updated. And maybe, gasp, there’ll be new pictures!

Me Made May ’15 Pledge!

It’s nearing that fateful month of May! The month where me made garments rain out from the blogosphere heavens and sprinkle all over participant’s blogs and on Flickr and Pinterest.

And it’s high time I join in!

I sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear at least one me made garment for at least half a day each day for the duration of May 2015.

Once again, I’ll be moving, but my move is less stressful this time. For one, its only five minutes away, but it’s also positioned at the beginning of the month, and I’ll be done with classes. And finals for that matter. Plus most of my me mades are suited for my pseudo office summer employment, so it’ll work out quite nicely!

I’ve counted up my Spring/Summer appropriate Me Mades that are not on the alterations pile and here’s my tally:

2 bodysuits
12 shirts
1 vest
5 skirts
6 daily dresses
2 fancy dresses
5+ cardigans

I definitely think this’ll be plenty to get me through!

Now I can’t wait!!

But I should go study for those finals now…