May ’14 By the numbers

This May, I wore me made:

dresses 3 times

skirts 2 times

jeans or leggings 3 times

shirts 9 times

and sweaters 12 times (or more).

My most worn items were sweaters, as three of them were worn three times each. I wore almost every shirt twice, excepting my mesh T.


My favorite make is my grad dress, even though I only wore it once. It has such sentimental meaning to me, being both from fabric from my mom’s stash and being what I made and wore to end a chapter of my life.

Most surprising to me was that I pulled out and wore a grey crochet sweater that I haven’t worn in years. It’s made of cozy cotton yarn and was a project out of the Stitch and Bitch Crochet book. I’ll have to look up which one, I’m not sure off the top of my head which. It’s warm enough to be nice shoulder covering on a cooler summer day.

Not surprising to me is the fact that I wear an awful lot of jeans. I know this about myself, but for a good bit of writing up my last post I tried to restrain myself from saying “and jeans.” This could be a warning to myself that I will have to make or obtain some more jeans in the future, as I may run through pairs quite quickly.

day 16

I’m really happy with my new Plantain shirt that I had made rather quickly. I did not do a good job on the neckband, but I am going to treat it as a learning experience. I definitely think this could be a pattern I’ll repeat, since it would be a great pattern for basic tops.

 All in all, this was a successful first Me Made May, and I look forward to participating in the future! Thanks Zo for organizing the great event!



Wrapping up May with a Bow

Well then, it’s been a few days… but I have completed Me Made May, successfully!

And I have now moved successfully!

What I haven’t done successfully is take pictures of the last two weeks of outfits…

Will you forgive me for that?

Let’s start with the week-ish that I did get pictures for:

day 12

Day 12:  The corset belt, which is quite uncomfortable and tends to squish inward to my waist, because I didn’t interface it with anything. Something I should think about fixing.


Day 13: Anna subtle cosplay, for the fun of it! Me made sweater, which is gaining sleeves soon, and a me made skirt, which I just hemmed that morning. And then donated my mini-sewing machine to charity. I’m gonna miss that little buddy… but not at all.

day 14

Day 14: I wore my Claudia vest! This is almost precisely what I had been planning to use as my Claudia costume, but with a different tank underneath. I was delivering cookies to some of my favorite professors, and then helped out at work!

day 15

Day 15: My second sleeveless Archer came into rotation, and I went fabric shopping! Who doesn’t love that!

day 16

Day 16: I made this Plantain t-shirt in the morning, and paired it with my folded mini.

And there ends the pictures.

Honestly the next two weeks weren’t super special.

For one thing, I wore jeans almost every one of the days.

So let’s continue:

Day 17: My family came into town for graduation, and so I wore my Mint and Navy sweater in preparation for the cold restaurant.

Day 18: Graduation day!! I wore my dress, which fit me even better than when I had made it. My family did get some pictures, but none of the ones of just me turned out okay, so we don’t get a picture here. But it was lovely!

Day 19: Out around my hometown – meaning getting groceries for my mom. I wore a grey cropped crochet sweater I hooked in high school. One of these days I’m going to post about some of my pre-blog makes, and I’ll show it to you then!

Day 20: I wore my green sleeveless Archer again!

Day 21: My green long sleeve sweater got worn today.

Day 22: Newly cropped Belle Mock-2 made and appearance for a mall-walking adventure.

Day 23: I visited a friend and cozied up in my pink Anna sweater

Day 24: The floral sleeveless Archer reappeared.

Day 25: I shortened the sleeves on a previous green-grey sweater make, and then wore it today…

Day 26: … and again today! But today I packed away all of my clothing, except what I would be wearing for the rest of the week, so I had limited options from then on.

Day 27: My plantain shirt reappeared, after I fixed some seams and the neck binding, though I’ll need to redo some of those seams again.

Day 28: My drapey light blue shirt came out again, and I must say, it’s quite comfy, for being made when I had no idea what was going on with clothes-making.

Day 29: My mint and navy sweater got lots of wear this year, as it reappeared today.

Day 30: The green-grey sweater came up again.

Day 31: And on the last day I was actually moving, so I didn’t wear a me-made until my pajama pants that night, made in 9th grade. They’re a bit short, though I doubt it’s because I grew. I was exhausted, and crashed at about 9, so they were still worn for enough time to count!

Later this week I’ll work up some statistics and perhaps reassess plannning… But I’m happy that I made it through the entire month! It feels a bit weird now to not be wearing me-mades all the time, but it’s nice to bring back the variety that my RTW wardrobe can contain.

Bye for now! And congrats and thanks to the other participants! It was great being able to see what other people were making!

MMM’14 – Days 1-11

Phew. It’s been a difficult two weeks since I last posted.

Do you remember that I’m graduating from college this spring? I apparently didn’t until the last week or so before classes ended, so I have been working super hard on just surviving.

Today though I’m triumphant in my laziness! I got my grades, and therefore I passed and will definitely graduate in a week. Not that I thought I wouldn’t, but… you never know!

Finally I am able to share with you what I have been wearing this Me-Made-May!

But I should tell you that almost all of these were photographed about a half hour ago… But I promise I wore them!

I promise!


Day 1

I had a symposium, so I took the opportunity to wear my Belle dress with an H&M blazer. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture, and the dress is not easy to get on and off, so I didn’t try it on again.

Day 2

Day 2

Today I was sick, but after spending all day in bed, I got up and put on my me-made sweater, which I never blogged about really, and a scarf to go and see a free movie.

day 3

Day 3

I wore my Spring Green Almost Jeans today, with a lovely thrifted silk and cotton top.


Day 4

There was a field trip today, so I knew I had to stay warm, so I wore a t-shirt, the same me-made sweater from Day 2, and jeans.

day 5

Day 5

My day took me on my first trip to a casino for the first time. I ended up wearing my Belle Mark 2, which I had fixed. When I made it I had cut it a bit too short. I always felt more comfortable with it over jeans anyway, so I just cut off a few inches from the bottom to make it a tunic-shirt instead.


Day 6

My coworker and I returned to campus with little debt, having slept comfortably in the hotel beds instead of the uncomfortable dorm ones… I wore this turquoise drapey shirt which  I had made about 3 years ago, just randomly putting some pieces of fabric together.

day 7

Day 7

I wore my Meshy mesh t-shirt, which seems shorter than I remember. Perhaps it shrunk a bit in the wash.

day 8

Day 8

My roommates and I went out to dinner, and I wore my Kaylee dress! Please ignore the fact that my sleeve decided to stick to my shoulder, and the fact that I took pictures and didn’t even realize it!

day 9

Day 9

I had my last final as an undergrad today, so I wanted something simple and comfy. I went for my green sleeveless Archer!

day 10

Day 10

One of my professors had my class over for dinner, so I wore my green almost jeans again, this time with a thrifted polka dot top.

day 11

Day 11, aka today.

Confession time. I put on non-pajama clothes for the first time for the kinda late photoshoot, taking advantage of the last glimmer of light. But my roommate is having friends over for dinner, so it was definitely time to dress anyway, and this is what I’m wearing. My me-made is the Mint and Navy sweater.

So that’s my round up! I’m planning on updating more regularly from now on, but we’ll see how that works out!



Me Made May 2014

I’m writing this as I’m waiting for something related to my senior thesis to render.

It’s already been ten minutes, and I can only think it’ll take quite a bit more.

But on to the main purpose of this post!


(It’s finally spring time, so time for culottes!)

I believe I’m participating in Me Made May this year, or at least I’m going to try!

Looking at the makes I’ve created, it’ll be a challenge definitely, but I have some more that I’ll be working on soon, not specifically for the challenge, but in reality for my wardrobe. If you missed it, I had a little heart to heart with the internet on Monday about what I actually wear.

So here is my pledge:

I, Annabelle of Annabelle’s Project Overload, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made garment each day (for at least 2 hours) for the duration of May 2014.

There it is, my pledge of fealty to the Me Made Kingdom!

I put in that stipulation of for at least  2 hours, because honestly there will be some days that I’ll stick in pajamas all day, so I’ll use a cardigan to complete the challenge. May is finals period, and I’ll be packing for moving in June. This generally equals days of laziness, and I’m very good at laziness! Also, in my Me Mades, I’m counting things that were both made from fabric, and those made from some other type of garment that is drastically changed… For example, a long dress to a tunic or top. Also, I’m adding a clause that if I can’t wear me made garments, I need to wear at least two pieces of me made jewelry.

In case you’re interested in what I’ve got in my Me Made Wardrobe, read on for lists and lists! In reality, the following is mostly for me… And I’ve divided it into what I’ve got with me at college, which is double checked for accuracy, having it nearby. I can’t actually remember what I’ve got at home.

Tops: 4, Vests: 2, Cardigans: 3 (and 3 to make), Shoes: 1, Dress: 4, Skirts: 2 (and 2 to make), Shorts: 1, Pants: 1.

And that is it! Whew. This’ll be a challenge.