Next Few Weeks of Winter

People. Winter is here, even in my area (which means rain and below 60’s temperatures right now), and it’s only going to get colder.

And I need a coat. Not necessarily a super heavy winter one, but at least a wool warm coat. I bought a pattern at the pre-Thanksgiving Joann’s sale.

And I could use another pair of jeans. I’m thinking bootcut this time. The Ginger jeans pattern just needs an alteration or two.

And I want to make another sweater. I’ve got this sweater knit, and I should have a pattern to work with (but I need to check my “muslin” again). I’ll show you the first one soon, I promise.

For that matter, I should really finish this sweater I’m knitting. I’m almost done the two sleeves! After that it’s just the fronts…

So there’s two weeks before I head home for the holiday break, and I’d like to accomplish this short list… I know I can make jeans in a day, and the last sweater did not take more than a few hours (not the hand-knit one, the other one). So the coat is the big time suck that I will be working through… I’ll try to keep you posted, so I stay accountable… With some extra posts from previous makes sprinkled in, I hope it doesn’t end up to monotonous!


Summer Sewing Strategy (and MMM Pledge!)

I have come to terms with the fact that summer in the South is warm. One may even go so far as saying hot. Perhaps boiling. My northern sensitivity can’t take it. (Though as my Dad pointed out to me earlier today, I complained just as much about the winter in New England, so I guess I’m just picky regardless of where I live…)

My first summer here I stayed inside most of the day, and only really left at night. I didn’t have any reason to do otherwise, having no real job and no friends in a new place, and not wanting to spend any money as well.


Last summer I had a job and friends, and spent the summer purposefully ignoring the heat, which is how I got heavy polyester high waisted trousers. Not that I regret that decision, and reasonably they were for a costume, but still. A good decision? Not in the slightest.

This summer, though. I plan to embrace the heat, at least a little bit. My makes, at least for the next month or so, will be focused on surviving the summer, with at least a bit of very-casual-office appropriateness.


I’m envisioning a host of sleeveless tops. I’ve already made a sleeveless Nettie version, as part of a dress, and with I tweak I could love it for a top, but I also want to take apart this top that I love to death but is looking dingy around the edges and recreate it. And I’ve got the Miter pattern lying around waiting for more use. So those are three different types for at least 3 new blouse/tshirts.


And then some skirts. I have this wrap skirt of this awesome seafoam green that I love to death. It’s essentially a half circle on a bias “waistband,” with a thin cotton layered under and eyelet-type fabric. The only downside is that it has ties, and that doesn’t feel secure enough for me, so I’m planning on making my new ones with a real waistband and buttons. Because I love a good buttonhole! I mean, really who doesn’t live for buttonholes? I may need a life.

I also have been trying to make two more pairs of jeans, probably one bootcut and one long and skinny (since I’ve found my most recent ones a bit short when I want to wear socks and real shoes). These may not be the best options for my “breezy” sewing plans, but I want to use any leftover fabrics to make some shorts. Since I have almost none to speak of. And summer kinda requires them.

In terms of the actual next month, though, I’m planning to “attend” Me Made May for my third year! In case you’re not sure what MMM is about, you should check out Zo’s blog post here.

The first year I “failed” because I was moving and also burnt out and a smidge sick. Graduating from college will do that. But I still made it through the month with only one or two missed days, and I learned a lot about my dressing preferences. Last year, I also moved during the month, and spent a few weeks “adjusting” to my new place, which basically meant ignoring the outside world and living in non-me-made pajamas. So I did okay, but nothing spectacular.

This year is going to change that.

I, Annabelle from Annabelle’s Project Overload, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’16. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made garment each day for the duration of May 2016, with one day a week wearing an entirely me-made outfit!

Now, I find myself often doing this daily, but then there’s days where I’m in entirely not me-mades. So, I think this will be a nice challenge, and it will give me a good chance to test some of my less used options, and hopefully I’ll use some of my knits that are chunky but meant for summer.

P.S. I want to add in a clause that prohibits accessories, like my handmade purses, from counting, but perhaps its best if that’s a guideline rather than a hard rule. Never hurts to have a backup plan, right?

Me Made May 2014

I’m writing this as I’m waiting for something related to my senior thesis to render.

It’s already been ten minutes, and I can only think it’ll take quite a bit more.

But on to the main purpose of this post!


(It’s finally spring time, so time for culottes!)

I believe I’m participating in Me Made May this year, or at least I’m going to try!

Looking at the makes I’ve created, it’ll be a challenge definitely, but I have some more that I’ll be working on soon, not specifically for the challenge, but in reality for my wardrobe. If you missed it, I had a little heart to heart with the internet on Monday about what I actually wear.

So here is my pledge:

I, Annabelle of Annabelle’s Project Overload, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made garment each day (for at least 2 hours) for the duration of May 2014.

There it is, my pledge of fealty to the Me Made Kingdom!

I put in that stipulation of for at least  2 hours, because honestly there will be some days that I’ll stick in pajamas all day, so I’ll use a cardigan to complete the challenge. May is finals period, and I’ll be packing for moving in June. This generally equals days of laziness, and I’m very good at laziness! Also, in my Me Mades, I’m counting things that were both made from fabric, and those made from some other type of garment that is drastically changed… For example, a long dress to a tunic or top. Also, I’m adding a clause that if I can’t wear me made garments, I need to wear at least two pieces of me made jewelry.

In case you’re interested in what I’ve got in my Me Made Wardrobe, read on for lists and lists! In reality, the following is mostly for me… And I’ve divided it into what I’ve got with me at college, which is double checked for accuracy, having it nearby. I can’t actually remember what I’ve got at home.

Tops: 4, Vests: 2, Cardigans: 3 (and 3 to make), Shoes: 1, Dress: 4, Skirts: 2 (and 2 to make), Shorts: 1, Pants: 1.

And that is it! Whew. This’ll be a challenge.


Universal Truths About My Style

I’m lazy. My defining feature that affects my personal style is my laziness.

I think its about choices. I love having choices, but I don’t like making decisions.

So if I only have certain types of clothing items, it’s easier to decide.

side front

Really meaning jeans, t shirt, cardigan.

This is the exact reason why I read through Coletterie’s Wardrobe Architect series, and read a lot of the articles from Into Mind here.

Personally, the latter articles were better for me, minimalism calling to me as a soon-to-be college graduate who will be moving from home. The less I own, the less I move!

But Into Mind’s technique is really meant for people not making their own wardrobes.

So I’m adapting her rules and procedure here:

  1. Define my personal style
  2. Try for small amounts of high quality, in workmanship and materials
  3. Own up to what you typically wear, and create a strong backbone of these pieces
  4.  Don’t plan/buy anything that you don’t love, especially for fit or material
  5. Spend as much time as necessary to make and find materials for each required item… or finding it if I can’t make it
  6. Own only items that I wear a lot, have worn a lot and will wear a lot, and anything I won’t miss when its gone, and if I make it,  that it will last for a number of years.
  7. I’ll donate/sell items that don’t work.
  8. Care well for my clothes, as soon as I’m no longer in a dorm with awful facilities… These washers and dryers are killer monsters that steal id cards, and there is no place to really hang clothes up, or lay them out.

Well, first I’ll explain my rule 4. This in particular is the reason why I’m lifting my fabric buying moratorium (Please don’t hit me!). With limits. Every piece of fabric I buy will be for a reason, for a particular garment, and will be a fabric that I will wear. Meaning no polyester. I sweat too much for polyester. Trust me. And fit will be variable as I’m learning. But hopefully good, since each piece will be in my wardrobe for a reason.

So I’ve realized over the past few months that I pretty much wear jeans, t-shirt, and a cardigan every day. On occasion, I’ll wear dresses with tights, but unless its the dead of summer I get quite cold in dresses. They always have a cardigan too. I wear cardigans all year round. I will admit to wearing shorts in summer, but when I know I’m traveling from one heavily air conditioned building to another, I’ll often wear jeans anyway. Scarves, very important in winter.

But one point I have to consider is that I’m moving south this summer. So number one summer, and number two, warmer summer than I have experienced barring Texas. And Texas was brutal. It was lovely, don’t get me wrong, but my heat quota was fulfilled 400 times over. So I also need to keep in mind that the climate will change, and perhaps so will my wardrobe.

When I was working out this wardrobe planning thing, I kept all of this in mind, as well as my tiny student budget, and the tinier amount of fun money that I’ll have in the near future. Because of this, I chose to keep most of what I have, knowing that when it dies, I’ll not have to replace it. But I also am only really working with what I have up at college. I’ve got quite a few clothes back home that, well… I leave at home.

At this point, I’m only making a black skirt and three cardigans. And some socks. My socks have been eaten by that washer and dryer I mentioned. I think the dryer has an irrational vendetta against me.


I have a black wrap skirt that goes past my knees, but me being short, well, I don’t get that lovely feeling from it. I used to have a black fluffy mini type skirt, but I had to leave it behind on my return trip from study abroad. There were just too many great clothes there! I might also make a just over knee length royal blue skirt. Can you smell an Anna from Frozen cosplay in the air?


Did I mention cardigans? My favorite for spring and summer is this navy blue drapey one I got from an Express outlet during one of those season-closing sales. These ones above are super similar…

I’m making three drapey cardigans, one of which will be a little heftier and warmer, I hope. Beige, magenta, and plum.

zero waste technicals3

In fact… beige…


…magenta, with added sleeves…



…and plum. I wish I had links for all of these. But I’m lacking in links for the first two.

I will do research on this… but I’m currently all researched out for my mini-thesis in order to graduate. Cause I want to do that graduating thing…

So, two skirts and a few cardigans. Totally doable.

Did I tell you I like cardigans?

When you play the Game of Thrones…

This weekend I embarked on the journey known as the show Game of Thrones.

It is a good journey, filled with lovely costumes and entertaining murder.

And I have news.

I’m a non-monogamous crafter. By far.

Maybe that’s not news. In fact, I think you all probably have caught onto that by now.

But now its most definitely okay!


I will not be attending SDCC this year, like I had planned. My friends and I decided that it was more important to go on an adventure together, rather than some of us attending the event while others couldn’t.

This means that a) I won’t have the deadline of July for my costumes, leaving me more time for non-monogamous fun.

b) I won’t have to shell out airfare for southern California on the super busy busy week.

Whew. Saving money is fun, ain’t it?

I’m still planning on making the costumes, so never fear, my super difficult to conceptualize and describe plans are definitely going to happen. It’s just a matter of when.

But this allows me to have some more fun too!


Although, knowing this, I should mention how many projects I’ve got going.


Archer shirt – my brown and cream one’s red bias binding came apart, so I need to fix it.

Belle’s cape – attaching ties and lace

Belle’s necklace – in a super hibernating state

Cardilero – Hehe. Let’s just not talk about it. Haven’t touched it in awhile.

Green denim jeans – I recently lost my favorite pair of jeans to inner thigh holes, so I’m gonna try my hand at making a pair.

Mesmerize sweater – I started it this weekend. Game of Thrones is quite lulling.

Strax – haven’t touched it.


UFO #2 – finally found it and got some pictures. Expect a post soon.

Sleeping? That I’m good on. Got lots of it. Perhaps that’s why I’m not being productive. Or doing homework. Sometimes my short term sanity takes priority over my long term homework efforts.

Design Donnerstag – Costume Planning

So it’s been a while since I’ve managed to get to this…
I feel bad for starting a weekly post then forgetting and not having time to keep it going.


But life got in the way. You know how it is.


So here is the latest set of designs!


I can’t lie to you… I drew these all in the last hour. But I did need these for planning my weekend.
And if you want to see how my Chip hair slide worked out, you can see it here!