Foodie Friday #8

Most of my ‘experiment’ cooking is relegated to weekends. There’s more time to sit and read a recipe or a technique. And you don’t have to be starving while you’re waiting for the food to cook because it’s been a long day and it’s already dinnertime because a class ran over and the bus was late and you’ve got a test tomorrow…

Those times are not conducive to experimenting.

A few weekends ago I was away at a symposium, so my cooking efforts has to be on Sunday. I made quinoa as my grain for the week, cooking it in chicken stock, which made it really easy to shove into a small lunch container with some peppers and pork for a lunch. So I ended up eating grain salads all that week.

The next week I was on math homework mode, so I don’t think I made anything special. My lunches ended up being tortillas and hummus, and my dinners were whatever I had left in the fridge…

The next week was worse. I don’t think I ate a vegetable for nearly a full week. Not my shining moment.

This week, though, I’ve finally had time to both make stuff and update you!

I made marzipan last week, and molded it into strawberries using this recipe. It made an awful lot and now I wish I had only turned half of it into the strawberry form… But when I brought them to a potluck, they were certainly eaten up!

A new batch of potstickers was also on the menu, using this recipe. When I ran out of wrappers I just cooked the rest through and have been eating it “plain”which is still quite tasty. I find the recipe to yield a product that is too liquidy and oily, though, so in the future I’m cutting back on the seasoning.

I also made my first risotto add my grain for the week. I used the Kitchn’s method, which is straightforward and easy. Mine needs a little more salt, but it’s quite good!

So that’s what I’ve been up to… made anything good yourself?


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