T Minus One Year

In one year I’ll have a bachelor’s degree, and hopefully some sort of employment.

I’ll have had this blog for a year and four months or so.

I’ll also be going to Comic Con.

Which was the main inspiration for starting this blog in the first place.

I wanted to let you know what is to come in the next year, in a more updated and compact list than I have before.


TARDIS costume – Doctor Who

one year plancorded petticoat

bum roll

console skirt

bustled overskirt

underbust corset

high necked sleeveless shirt

sleeveless shrug with dangling pearl “sleeves”

time rotor necklace

hair embellishment of some sort

television monitor purse (which will attach to the corset

spats for my t-straps

Belle – Once Upon A Time

one year planLace and knit skater dress

embellishment necklace

Queen Susan – Narnia: Prince Caspian

one year planwhite underdress

blue overdress

potentially a quiver – like object

Claudia – Warehouse 13

finishedfinishing off the vest – lining and a new zipper

necklace of some sort

Steampunk base costume – potentially for Halloween. Or life in general.



corset waist skirt



Short sleeved high necked button down shirt – emerald green? I like this simple version of the drawing

Corded Petticoat with Corset


short corded petticoat


UFO #2 – Velvet and Lace Vintage Dress

Kaylee inspired dress – Firefly

Ballroom dancing gown

Refashioned Ready To Wears (so I’m willing to be ready to wear them.)


Lacy slouchy hats

Thick shawl

Some necklace making, some quote illustrations, some cards, some leatherwork.


Here, have some flowers, and a puppy, and some spying.

Isn’t progress great?

And honestly there is a bit of progress here. Not a lot, but it’s something!

I visited a wonderful multi-floor Forever 21, and bought a few colorful camisoles. One of these will likely end up in the costume.

camisThe store not only had the largest section of colored camisoles and leggings that I have ever seen, but also was very bright and shiny. After about an hour I started to get a headache because it was so shiny.

pinsOver my spring break, I traveled to London and Cardiff and picked up some adorable pins, or badges, whichever word floats your boat.

Claudia tends to wear a number of pins, if not on a jacket then on a purse or messenger bag. I’ve now got quite a few to choose from!

ring2Claudia also tends to wear a bunch of thick rings, so I’ve started my collection. I love this flying owl ring, which is adorable and lovely, and one of the only pieces of jewelry I’ve seen that acknowledges that the owl is a flying bird.


They fly people. They don’t just look cute, standing there blinking at you.

ear cuffI’ve also obtained an ear cuff that will likely not be part of the costume itself, but has definitely opened my mind to ear cuffs for my costume. Now just to look for a sale at Claire’s… Hmmm… That could be a while.

cuffcandleSee, I don’t have pierced ears. It causes some minor problems.

Well, there you have it!


I smell fudge!

So my final costume that I’ll be making for comic con is… drumroll please…


Miss Claudia Donovan from the lovely show Warehouse 13.


Claudia Donovan is a wise cracking and crafty tech-ofile who works at a secret government institution to track down objects imbued with powers from a certain moment and emotion and time, and she may or may not be my role model.


She’s probably my favorite female character on TV right now. And I’ve been waiting since October for this season to continue. Only one more month.


Here we go:

Vest: I can’t quite figure this one out exactly. It looks like she’s taken a sweatshirt, and layered it under a white vest, in which the vest looks to be made of relatively heavyweight fabric that is fairly stiff, stiff enough for the collar to stick up a bit. I’m thinking of making the vest, and flat-stitching it to a bought sweatshirt to achieve the look, without so much of the actual layering and heat involved with actually wearing the quantity of layers. I’ll possibly be stealing the zipper from the sweatshirt to make this, as I’ll have nothing else to do with it. Fairly easy peasy. And I’ve kinda got the sweatshirt that will work to cut apart for this project, and it even hasĀ  bright white zipper! The “vest” will also be elbow-length sleeved, maybe a little shorter.


Shirts: In this outfit, she’s layered a peach camisole under a black three quarter sleeve henley. I’m probably going to go with peach camisole under a black tank, knowing that the heat would start to get to me… In the interest of my personal comfort, I’m taking every effort to make this comfy. Because I can. And if I’m going to be fairly uncomfortable in the interest of heat with my other costumes, I might as well acknowledge it this time.


Trousers: Claudia in this shot seems to be wearing black jeans, or some other type of black skinny trousers. Luckily I’ve got these already.

Shoes: I couldn’t get a good screencap of the shoes, but while she was moving, I was positive that they were boots, small black combat boot kind of boots. However, in the interest of saving space in my suitcase, I’m going to go with another type of shoe, possibly my TARDIS shoes… or if those didn’t work I would hijack another one of the shoes involved in my other costumes. Because Claudia would totally wear t-strap heels.


Jewelry: The necklace that she wears in this scene appears to be some kind of robot or alien or something, which isn’t exactly up my alley. In another episode she wears a very cute dark metal bat-wing or angel wing necklace, which I’ll be much more on board with having. Because I don’t have pierced ears, and I’m not planning on doing so, I’ll be skipping earrings, but I’m perfectly good with wearing an ear cuff. She’s also wearing what seem to be black jelly bracelets on her wrists, but I might make get a thick leather cuff to replace them on one wrist. Claudia also wears a lot of buttons, so I’ll be getting some very cute ones for this.

Purse: Claudia gets a lot of messenger bags and canvas shoulder bags, but in the interest of space, I’ll be using one of the bags for the other costumes.

*All images used in the post were screenshots of Warehouse 13 Season 4 Episode 6.

** This costuming plan is subject to change based on the final episodes of season 4. Which could change everything.

Any other Warehouse fans out there?

Lookee here!

I’ve gotten some work done on some of my costumes already!

Aren’t you so proud of me!


I managed to pick up some fabric from a fancy dress shop, and it is just the right color fabric for the TARDIS bustled overskirt, and maybe could also be used as a bow for my Belle dress. It’s a deep golden color shiny material, and though it has some holes in it, it is gorgeous.


I also got fantastic t-strap heels, in a lovely brown, which would be fantastic with my planned Belle dress, as the Belle in OUAT’s Storybrooke has a vintage fashion sense, and I do too.

I am thirteen hundred years older than you.

This was really my first idea, as this dress was my favorite from the Narnia movies the minute I saw it.



It is the dress Susan wears at the end of the Narnia movie Prince Caspian, as her farewell to Narnia. It’s not even in the movie for very long! Just the ending.



But its absolutely lovely!

A few people have recreated this dress brilliantly, but I just want to try it out!



Because its pretty…

And I think I can.



So here’s the deal.

Underdress: A crisp white undergown, which has a few folds at the neckline, and the neckline itself is far off the shoulders, and slopes to a small V at the front. There are sleeves on the original, fitted to the elbow, and then they puff out and are brought back in with a cuff at the wrist. I’m considering making my undergown short sleeved, because of the warmth in San Diego in summer… and I wouldn’t have to figure out the sleeves. Big advantage. The front of the underdress, at the least, is pleated but for my ease and ironing pleasure I’ll only be pleating the front of my dress. It’ll be easier if I do need to iron it after it being in a suitcase and all. And finally, the undergown is nearly floor length.

Overdress: The overdress is made of a dusty blue stiff fabric with brown embroidery. Its constructed with princess seams, and is boned up until the hips. The front of the dress is mostly open, and the area from near to the top to the hip is closed with what seem to be hooks and eyes. The back is closed with buttons and loops attached to a matching modesty panel. Its also nearly floor length, just like the underdress. I’ll be probably trying like an idiot to recreate this part of the dress and closely as possible. The dress is also trimmed with a lightly gold colored thick ribbon.

Shoes: I’ll be obtaining white or matching blue flats, or sandals, or I’ll be making some sort of slippers in the same fabric. Its up for grabs at the moment. The shoes in the film cannot really be seen, so I can take liberties!

Necklace: I’m sure I’ll make one. It’ll likely be either a simple single stranded in a color, or a clear beadwoven necklace close to my base of my neck, so it doesn’t take away from the dress itself.

Hair: I’m not going to get a wig, but I’m going to style my own hair to as close to the proper style as possible. Hopefully that’ll work out!

Purse: Cause I’ll need one… So I’m either going to get a brown leatherish pouch or backpack, or I’m going to be insane and make a quiver-purse. Using help and inspiration from this site. I might take the crazy route, just to see if I can!


In case you wanted to see my… lovely sketch.

Any tips?

“It’s smaller on the outside!”

By now, I assume you know about my Doctor Who obsession. Its just a small one…

I always loved the beautiful colors of the Eleventh Doctor’s TARDIS.

Dr Who : S5link

And yes, I do realize that he has a new TARDIS layout. But its much less pretty.

Doctor Wholink


Not really pretty.

Many people when cosplaying the TARDIS go for the gorgeous and timeless blue box design for the whole of their costume. Some have ventured into an inside design, but normally in way that still incorporates much of the blue box idea.

My plan is to make a Victorian styled Steampunk TARDIS costume, based on the inside of the TARDIS. So coppers and golds with a hint of the aqua and teal, with some steampunk flair.

This is actually a potentially ufo stashbusting exercise, as I have a mostly finished corset in the right color scheme and a bolero that is just a little too big for me. I haven’t yet checked the fit of the corset, but I still have the pattern, if it doesn’t fit right.


Please ignore the unintelligible scrawl. And the sketches in general, especially the left one. I couldn’t find a manageable eraser to bring the skirt down. Its no longer the plan.

So here is the plan:

Bolero – I have already made it, but its just a little too big for me, and has sleeves that would not match in color. I’ll be taking the Bolero in, and changing the sleeve color. It currently is a brown and pink combo, so it will end up being brown and aqua.

Corset – Also made previously. I haven’t checked the fit, and it was my first corset ever, so I’ll be forgiving if it doesn’t fit. Its a deep gold, with a raised floral pattern. I made it from an upholstery fabric sample and a thin canvas. Its a simple underbust corset from a pattern I drafted myself. I haven’t inserted the grommets yet. and have yet to find lacing. I’ll probably start with shoelaces.

Shirt – Because the corset is an underbust one, I’ll obviously need to wear a shirt underneath, for going out in public. I’m planning on using the same fabric as the sleeves for the Bolero.

IF the corset does not fit, and the pattern is way off, its possible that I’ll just construct a boned bodice instead.

Bustle Pad – I’ll need to make a small one. Don’t know how yet, as I don’t want to buy a pattern for one costume, but I’ll figure it out

Petticoat – If you watch enough of the Doctor’s TARDIS, you can see that the area below the console platform is covered by wells of a black liquid, and the console platform is a light blue, so I’ve decided to make a petticoat out of black and light blue fabric. Or I’ll find some way to stiffen the skirt otherwise. It gets hot in San Diego.

Skirt – 6 paneled skirt to imitate the 6 paneled console, and it will have an inch and a half of fabric between the panels. The front of the skirt will be framed by panels, not divided by two. The panels themselves will be a coppery gold, and the fabric divisions will be an aqua color. I want it to be a fairly full skirt, but not a majorly massive skirt, like a ballgown. The bottom hem of this skirt will be decorated with gears and sequins, to imitate some of the small features of the TARDIS.



My favorite style years base on this diagram are 1847, 1877, and 1897, and my skirt will reflect one of these.

Bustled Overskirt – I love the shape of a draped overskirt, at least in the back, and so will be adding a bustled back overskirt… because I can. I’m planning to use this tutorial for the most part. Without the bat wings.

Gloves – I’m planning on buying or making evening gloves that reach to the elbows, in a warm copper color.




Hair – Luckily, I already have red hair, which fits into the colorway I’m working with, and I’ll be styling it into a modified hairdo based on one of Madame de Pompadour’s hairstyles in her episode of Doctor Who. You can see a peek of it in the gifs above!

Shoes – While I’ve been here abroad, I’ve bought a pair of boots that would work perfectly for this outfit, but as they were inexpensive and on sale, I’m not sure they will make it long enough to wear for Comic Con. If they don’t I always will have my TARDIS shoes to fall back on, and it will require less packing if I use the TARDIS shoes.

Necklace – Because I am a bead artist, there is a need to wear a necklace whenever possible, especially when I get dressed up. My necklace here will be based on what I think is the coolest part of this TARDIS. The time rotor. The time rotor is the whooshy thing that moves up and down, and this time rotor is made up of what look like stacked glass bubbles. Its lovely, and deseves to shine in a necklace format.

Props – I’m definitely planning to make a sonic screwdriver pen, based on this lovely tutorial. Look at the awesome pictures she has of hers! Who wouldn’t love to have one of those? I’m also planning on a project to take an old book and put in a swimming pool. After all, “There’s a swimming pool in the library!”



Cape – I’m also planning to give homage to the traditional TARDIS blue box, in the form of a cape. It will be another elbow – waist length cape, much like the one for my Belle outfit, and will feature the sign on the right side of the cape, and the Police Public Call Box on a ribbon around the hood.

So that’s that!

Got any suggestions or helpful hints? I’m all ears? Or eyes, cause I’ll be reading them… Whatever.