Me Made May 2016 in Review

May is over, and I’ve started taking stock of how my month went.


This year I did manage to wear something me made every day, and had many all me made days to round it out. I even took pictures for about half the month, though not even all of those made it to Flickr.


My workhorses this month were my denim Ginger Jeans and Hudson pants. I’ve been working myself up to making another pair of Gingers, and now I’ve got the pattern traced out and ready to cut any day now. But I was surprised about how often I wore the Hudson’s. They got a lot of wear in the winter, but I don’t think about them much in spring and summer. But I see now that I really need a second pair. Preferably a bit more summery.

I didn’t keep track as I was going which me mades I was and wasn’t wearing, but looking back I think I hit all of the summery spring ones.

Here's the shirt in a MMM14 post!
Here’s the shirt in a MMM14 post!

There’s a couple that I really need to retire, like a shirt I made in early college that I love the (self drafted) design but at the time my execution has left much to be desired. It’s a little too short in bodice length, and I didn’t yet understand ease, so the band at the bottom of the bodice doesn’t meet, even with the buttons and elastic that I had added. I think I’m going to make a second version, but updated from all the experience I’ve gained in the past five years.


One of the other makes that need to be retired is one of my black Nettie shirts, which has been washed so many times that it’s become sheer…


Really, this month has come down to two thoughts. I need more Gingers, Hudsons, and realistically Netties too. And I’ve got enough (casual) office appropriate gear to last a full month. Not without repeats, but I love having a small wardrobe, so that’s fine with me!


Thanks to Zo for organizing the event again!

How did your May’s go?


What I did last night…

I’m thinking this could be a regular thing.

Or not.

I remember what happened to Design Donnerstag… Maybe I should resurrect that too…

But at least for this post, I did makeup tests for three of my cosplays.

One was overdue, one was right on time, and the next was premature.

I should insert the caveat that I have no idea what I’m doing, though I find that trolling through picture tutorials have helped. I’m not one for makeup Youtube videos, and my general lack of interest in wearing makeup day to day, have really hindered my makeup skills. So bear with me, and half of the stuff I used came as parts of beginner makeup kits from…. when I was in eighth grade… I’m going to hang my head in shame.

But I learned some stuff! Some stuff that I will share with you right now:


First up: Claudia

A bit overdue, considering the entire costume was finished last fall…

So the major bits of importance: A nice pink lipstick (though can I bring up memories of that weird one she wore for an episode? I think it was the Civil War reenactment episode…shudder), mascara, heavy eyeliner and dark eyeshadow… Oh, and brow pencil. Not that you can tell about any of the last three.

Lessons learned: I need some eyeliners with heavier pigment content. I’m personally thinking gel liners because pencils are too thick and less controlled (and the sharpeners are irritating), and the liquid liners I’ve tried are tricky and therefore irritating. I need to use a darker eyeshadow as well, which I might have but I really wanted to use this one. Maybe I could combine them? I also used my brow pencil, to make my eyebrows a bit more auburn, mostly cause Claudia sports a lot of very filled in dark eyebrows. However I haven’t plucked or in any way shaped my eyebrows in months, or longer, so my efforts at filling in were thwarted slightly.

I like the lipstick though! And I think the foundation layers are going to work, unless I find the need to buy different stuff. I’ve always been interested in mineral makeup, and have some samples, but I’ll need to try them out… Perhaps that’s going for my next test!

trial1Second: Belle

This is actually the first one I did, which may explain the natural light coming in the window as opposed to the lightbulb light in the other two pics. I’m terribly proud of this one though, even if most of what I’m proud of can’t be seen in this pic.

Important bits: Magenta pink lipstick, gold eyeshadow in multitudes, grey and brown eyeliners, though I bet you can’t tell, mascara and my rather new trusty eyelash curler.

Don’t eyelash curlers look like torture traps? I was surprised the first time I used one how comfortable it was… I mean, not comfy but not painful. It is quite effective though.

Lessons learned: My gold palette of eyeshadows is really not pigmented. After three separate brushings of the gold, I still could not tell I was wearing anything. When I used a sample of mineral eyeshadow, though, it looked very nice. I think I’m going to need a new gold palette. I also am going to make use of the gel liners, whenever I get those. And eyebrow plucking. I never think I’m going to care about it, since I like my semi-bushy eyebrows, but they have a shape of their own that I’d like to preserve. Also, I’m planning on adding a little more of a bow to my upper lip, just a smidgeon. I don’t have that much of a natural one, so I like to add one when wearing lipstick (which never happens), but I often think it looks a bit overdone. Work to do!

trial1Finally: Susan

A bit early, considering I’m not really halfway done with the costume, but I was on a roll!

Important to note: Pink lipstick (look it matches!!) Eyeliner on the top lashes only, a little light colored shadow. There will be mascara, but I don’t particularly like the brush on it, so I’m going to need to buy some new ones. I did also try to add some freckles, but they didn’t exactly show up in the photos. At least not any more than my skin looks kinda freckled.

Lessons learned: The same base makeup that looked fine for the previous two looks is a bit too tan for Susan, who is quite fair and pinkish on top of fair, but not tan. Next time I’ll use a lighter foundation. Gel liner will be helpful, as well as better mascara and some pluckage… The light colored shadow I used was a part of the gold palette, so I’ll probably need another one of these as well.

The TARDIS costume needs to be at least a bit more made before I’m even going to attempt a makeup trial. Make that it needs to be actually started…

How are your costuming makeup ideas working for you? Or do you have any makeup tips for me? I’m all ears!

Sultan of Suckwad

So I finished my Claudia necklace over break!

Isn’t it purrrrrdy?


The back of the necklace is chainmaille. I only had one size of ring, so I was slightly limited by this in design options.

I don’t know if I made this pattern up, but I can say that I wasn’t inspired by anything I found online. There’s plenty of inspiring things to be found, but my fingers were itching to create, so my googling was shortened.

Then once I had the back formed, I decided that I wanted to integrate the clasp into the pattern in the front.


And then I just started stringing, kind of organically. I had bought this golden snitch pendant thing on Etsy, which I deconstructed and maneuvered into my design, because I always loved Claudia’s wing necklace. I would link to it, but it looks like the seller has taken down their shop.

So the completion of this necklace marks the completion of my Claudia costume. Now I’ve got to figure out the makeup and hair, and then I’ll be finished with my first costume for July!

Getting Back on Track

If nothing else, December so far has been busy.

Busy busy busy.

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted a thing since Thanksgiving…

You may not have. That’s good too.

(I’m going to whine for a bit, just to let you know.)

Being a college senior is tough. Can I mention real life is on the horizon?

I’m trying at all costs to avoid such a thing. I’m applying for graduate schools, and hopefully it’ll work out for me.

Please cross your fingers for me.

But my applications are pretty much in, and that makes me terribly happy.

(I’m now done whining, I think.)

I’m back at home, so I’ve brought a number of projects to do while I’m here, to supplement the ones I’ve already got here.

Here’s all the beads I’ve got, since I’ve tasked myself to make my Belle and Claudia beadwork while I’m home. I also brought home other beading projects, but there’s less of a push for those.


I’ve also got a jacket in the works. Years ago, I got this pattern, along with some dark purple bottomweight from Joann’s, and I think it’s high time to make it up. I’m planning on view F, the vaguely military view. I’ve got this really neat quilting fabric that I’m going to make a lining from, as well as using it for the contrasts. The fabric is pastel – rainbow with gold crackle running around.


There were a number of ready to wear items that I’m still planning on fixing up, I just didn’t get to them this summer while I was home. Here’s one, a shirt that is just a little too tight around the arms, so I’m thinking of removing the fabric loop and adding an elastic one.


I had a little war with myself, a few weeks ago, on whether or not to buy the Archer pattern. I told myself that I didn’t need a button up shirt pattern, because I never wear them, especially a long sleeve one. But then I thought, maybe I don’t wear them because I’ve never gotten one that fit. So the second voice one, and I’ve got the pattern cut out. Just need to cut this awesome (and free) fabric, and to sew it all up!


I keep telling myself to finish up my crochet sweater, so that’s on the roster, as well as a sundress out of lovely pink fabric from my mom, and a ballroom dress, and a corset, and maybe a t-shirt, etc. So lots of stuff. We’ll see how far I get!


Hope you all have wonderful holidays, if I don’t talk to you before then! It’s quick approaching the new year!

(real life!)

We are not the B-Team fool, we are the second A-Team.


So. I have finally finished the vest for my Claudia costume. And today I’m subtle cosplaying her.


I know I told you I was done before, but I found that wonderfully neon fabric I told you about, so I did create a lining.

There’s nothing like handsewing a lining into a garment that makes you miss your sewing machine.

pinsAfter an additional eight or so hours of sewing, my vest is absolutely complete!

frontAnd now I’m off to class!

Cleaning and Planning

Cleaning is a double edged sword for me.

Being a generally lazy person, cleaning is just so much work. I’ve been on a cleaning kick though.

It would stop if I was assigned homework.

However, while I was cleaning out my fabric stash, I found some of my projects that I thought I had left at home. Squishable ones.

vestLike my Claudia vest.

hungAnd my culottes.

fabricAnd this fabric that will interface my TARDIS shrug.

originalAnd this shirt that I’ll be altering for my TARDIS. It’ll be smoothed out, like the bottom. I bought it crinkly, but I like the color more than the crinkly texture.

Did I ever tell you that my culottes were a bit too tight? I’m going to be making a fix for that shortly, and showing the super finished product. I’m starting with this so I can wear them before it gets too cold.

fabricThen I’m going to finish my Claudia vest, which will pretty much finish my Claudia costume. Just need a necklace then…

Soon there will be petticoats and my TARDIS shrug and some necklaces and a Belle muslin and a properly fitted underbust corset and a bum roll and my TARDIS skirt and a sweater and…