Year 3

WordPress informed me that yesterday was my 3rd blogiversary.

The past two anniversaries, I wrote a post celebrating the year, and especially because this is also my 200th post, I figured I’d give it another whirl.

This year:

storybook back

I finished my Susan dress! Woohoo!

My self imposed ban of new clothing has kept up really well, and the only piece of clothing I’ve bought was jeans from a thrift store.


I’ve self drafted a few items, including the shirt for my Peggy costume (with more full costume photos to come).

right after wash

My first pair of jeans were not entirely comfortable (so not wearable), but my second pair is so comfy that I practically live in them.


I’m working on a knit sweater that will actually look like a real sweater, which is definitely a first. And I’m another pair of socks and a half into my sock knitting journey.

back side

Real photos of my Belle from Once Upon A Time (casual style) costume were taken, and though I realized I forgot the necklace, they certainly look snazzy! I do need to figure out how to make the extensions better blended though…


The time I spent embroidering this Merida skirt was ridiculous, but I love this skirt to death. It’s whimsical and subtle and awesome all at the same time!

I’ve also realized that my planning skills are rather lax, and that sometimes I’ll completely change my mind and take on ridiculous projects. Case in point, even though I don’t have real space in my apartment to make a ballgown, I’m planning to make Ella’s ballgown from the live action Cinderella.

First though, I’ve got to make and finish my TARDIS skirts. After three years it’s really time.

Here’s to year 4! Thanks for reading!



back side up

My first completely finished costume from my initial cosplay plans.

back side front

Also my first self drafted ensemble, completely from start to finish.

back side

Can you see my beaming smile?

side no cape

Probably not, since its a) the Internet, and b) not showing up in the photos… I’m happy, I promise!

front reality

I was in a bit of a mood during the photoshoot. I only had an hour of sunlight left, and I was running late since curling my hair took longer than expected. Plus, smiling to a tripod is not exciting, especially when you’re trying not to fall over… And I forgot to put on the necklace, so there’ll be another post of pictures in the future including that, but for now, here are the pictures!

jacket side

The progression of shots is in general shedding the fairy tale and changing into the Storybrooke version. I’ve noticed this season that (***spoilers ahead***) when they go back to the fairy tale world, she spans the bridge between fairy tale and real world quite nicely, so I wanted to capture that…  (***end of spoilers***)

selfie half smile

Plus it made it easier for me to grocery shop afterward, since I already had the hair extensions out.

selfie smileThere’s the smile. Alright! Next up, I’ll be sharing one of my (many) overdue to blogging projects, and then next week will be reflections!

Halloween Week – 2015

If Halloween was an Olympic sport, I think I’d qualify to compete for the national team. I wouldn’t win, but I would probably be invited back for the next year!

That’s probably not how the Olympics works… Moving on!

I upped my Halloween game this year. For almost each day the week before, I subtle-cosplayed. I was so close to making it each of the 5 days, but that Tuesday was unseasonably cold, and the chosen outfit wasn’t finished and wasn’t warm enough. And I got out of bed too late. So there’s room for improvement, right?

Also, coincidentally, all of my outfits this were Disney princess themed. So next year I should try to diversify…

One of my fellow grad students figured out what I was doing on Wednesday, so for Thursday and Friday she made guesses, though my Belle outfit does have a dead giveaway component. I’m not sure if she knows about me making clothing, and if she knows about the blog I’d be very surprised (but hi, if so!), but its nice when something like this gets noticed.

Monday – Briar Rose

cuteShirt: RTW thrifted / Cardigan: Primark upcycled / Skirt: Me-Made

Tuesday – supposed to be Merida, with a second choice of Kaylee, and neither happened…

Wednesday – Ariel Day Dress

arielTop: Me-Made / Skirt: Me-Made

Thursday – Merida (Epilogue outfit) – More on this one soon

cuteTop: Me Made / Skirt: Me Made (and not yet blogged)

Friday – Belle

=back sideDress: Me-made / Cape: Me-made

And then Peggy Carter for real Halloween! But I’ll save that for another post… After the holidays. Stay tuned!


Now presenting my Belle necklace!


In fairness, I actually finished it awhile ago. Still not on time for my self imposed deadline, but I think I’m doing alright considering I don’t have a firm costume deadline anymore. I even photographed it the day after I made it, which is even more of an accomplishment.


However I’ve been procrastinating on posting it. I’m not entirely sure why. Perhaps its because I know that if I wanted to go to my place of choice for photographing the entire costume, makeup would melt off my face and my hair would flatten. It’s quite hot. Even in the evening.

I think I might have to remove the collar from my dress, anyway. Too much of the necklace would be covered if I left the collar on, so I’m thinking of leaving the collar stand, but removing the collar.


In other news I’m going to start a new project, as though I don’t have enough started. Have you noticed that I tend to start knitting or crochet projects, and then the entire thing disappears? I don’t like finishing these projects. Like the sleeve of this sweater I’m knitting. I’ve got one nearly complete, or at least I’m almost done with  yarn ball on that side, but the other side needs to advance about five inches to keep up.


So I recently bought myself sock yarn with the intention of actually making socks. I even have a pattern, from a book called Sock Innovation. I’m going to make the Kai-mei socks, since they’re gorgeous, but the catch is that the library book is due in a week. I know I can renew it, but that spoils the fun. So in the next week I endeavor to make at least a sock and a half… and by that I mean the cuff and turning the heel on the second sock.

There will hopefully be daily progress reports in order to keep myself on track. And today is all about gauge.

What I did last night…

I’m thinking this could be a regular thing.

Or not.

I remember what happened to Design Donnerstag… Maybe I should resurrect that too…

But at least for this post, I did makeup tests for three of my cosplays.

One was overdue, one was right on time, and the next was premature.

I should insert the caveat that I have no idea what I’m doing, though I find that trolling through picture tutorials have helped. I’m not one for makeup Youtube videos, and my general lack of interest in wearing makeup day to day, have really hindered my makeup skills. So bear with me, and half of the stuff I used came as parts of beginner makeup kits from…. when I was in eighth grade… I’m going to hang my head in shame.

But I learned some stuff! Some stuff that I will share with you right now:


First up: Claudia

A bit overdue, considering the entire costume was finished last fall…

So the major bits of importance: A nice pink lipstick (though can I bring up memories of that weird one she wore for an episode? I think it was the Civil War reenactment episode…shudder), mascara, heavy eyeliner and dark eyeshadow… Oh, and brow pencil. Not that you can tell about any of the last three.

Lessons learned: I need some eyeliners with heavier pigment content. I’m personally thinking gel liners because pencils are too thick and less controlled (and the sharpeners are irritating), and the liquid liners I’ve tried are tricky and therefore irritating. I need to use a darker eyeshadow as well, which I might have but I really wanted to use this one. Maybe I could combine them? I also used my brow pencil, to make my eyebrows a bit more auburn, mostly cause Claudia sports a lot of very filled in dark eyebrows. However I haven’t plucked or in any way shaped my eyebrows in months, or longer, so my efforts at filling in were thwarted slightly.

I like the lipstick though! And I think the foundation layers are going to work, unless I find the need to buy different stuff. I’ve always been interested in mineral makeup, and have some samples, but I’ll need to try them out… Perhaps that’s going for my next test!

trial1Second: Belle

This is actually the first one I did, which may explain the natural light coming in the window as opposed to the lightbulb light in the other two pics. I’m terribly proud of this one though, even if most of what I’m proud of can’t be seen in this pic.

Important bits: Magenta pink lipstick, gold eyeshadow in multitudes, grey and brown eyeliners, though I bet you can’t tell, mascara and my rather new trusty eyelash curler.

Don’t eyelash curlers look like torture traps? I was surprised the first time I used one how comfortable it was… I mean, not comfy but not painful. It is quite effective though.

Lessons learned: My gold palette of eyeshadows is really not pigmented. After three separate brushings of the gold, I still could not tell I was wearing anything. When I used a sample of mineral eyeshadow, though, it looked very nice. I think I’m going to need a new gold palette. I also am going to make use of the gel liners, whenever I get those. And eyebrow plucking. I never think I’m going to care about it, since I like my semi-bushy eyebrows, but they have a shape of their own that I’d like to preserve. Also, I’m planning on adding a little more of a bow to my upper lip, just a smidgeon. I don’t have that much of a natural one, so I like to add one when wearing lipstick (which never happens), but I often think it looks a bit overdone. Work to do!

trial1Finally: Susan

A bit early, considering I’m not really halfway done with the costume, but I was on a roll!

Important to note: Pink lipstick (look it matches!!) Eyeliner on the top lashes only, a little light colored shadow. There will be mascara, but I don’t particularly like the brush on it, so I’m going to need to buy some new ones. I did also try to add some freckles, but they didn’t exactly show up in the photos. At least not any more than my skin looks kinda freckled.

Lessons learned: The same base makeup that looked fine for the previous two looks is a bit too tan for Susan, who is quite fair and pinkish on top of fair, but not tan. Next time I’ll use a lighter foundation. Gel liner will be helpful, as well as better mascara and some pluckage… The light colored shadow I used was a part of the gold palette, so I’ll probably need another one of these as well.

The TARDIS costume needs to be at least a bit more made before I’m even going to attempt a makeup trial. Make that it needs to be actually started…

How are your costuming makeup ideas working for you? Or do you have any makeup tips for me? I’m all ears!

When you play the Game of Thrones…

This weekend I embarked on the journey known as the show Game of Thrones.

It is a good journey, filled with lovely costumes and entertaining murder.

And I have news.

I’m a non-monogamous crafter. By far.

Maybe that’s not news. In fact, I think you all probably have caught onto that by now.

But now its most definitely okay!


I will not be attending SDCC this year, like I had planned. My friends and I decided that it was more important to go on an adventure together, rather than some of us attending the event while others couldn’t.

This means that a) I won’t have the deadline of July for my costumes, leaving me more time for non-monogamous fun.

b) I won’t have to shell out airfare for southern California on the super busy busy week.

Whew. Saving money is fun, ain’t it?

I’m still planning on making the costumes, so never fear, my super difficult to conceptualize and describe plans are definitely going to happen. It’s just a matter of when.

But this allows me to have some more fun too!


Although, knowing this, I should mention how many projects I’ve got going.


Archer shirt – my brown and cream one’s red bias binding came apart, so I need to fix it.

Belle’s cape – attaching ties and lace

Belle’s necklace – in a super hibernating state

Cardilero – Hehe. Let’s just not talk about it. Haven’t touched it in awhile.

Green denim jeans – I recently lost my favorite pair of jeans to inner thigh holes, so I’m gonna try my hand at making a pair.

Mesmerize sweater – I started it this weekend. Game of Thrones is quite lulling.

Strax – haven’t touched it.


UFO #2 – finally found it and got some pictures. Expect a post soon.

Sleeping? That I’m good on. Got lots of it. Perhaps that’s why I’m not being productive. Or doing homework. Sometimes my short term sanity takes priority over my long term homework efforts.