My office-mate called me out a few days ago for prioritizing Doctor Who over socializing.

And he’s been to my house and sees my cubicle every day… He knows I’m obsessed.

But realistically, its about connection for me.


When I think about Doctor Who, or any of my many favorite shows and movies, I’m reminded of my fun times with friends or family members where we talked about, laughed about, geeked about these shows.

And its not like I don’t have unusual prioritizations anyway…

Most of the time, homework is the top priority, unless its actually due, which is pretty normal.

TV/movies are always high on the list.

(Not Doctor Who, but equally special to me, my Susan Farewell dress from the Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian movie)

Sewing is next, with an emphasis on costumes, and again nothing with a due date.


Knitting is an all the time endeavour, since I’ve got bus projects, like these socks I’m working on, but if I can’t work on it on the bus, it typically follows sewing.


Other crafts have their time too… mostly whenever I’m really interested. Or want something…

And then there’s socializing. Last on the list. I like persons, of course. I do. But I like my alone time a lot as well, especially after spending all day at various offices and in random classes. And buses. All the buses. There’s something about laying on my couch and completely avoiding dealing with people that is so lovely.

So even if I am watching Doctor Who with a close friend and a Whovian that I haven’t met yet on Saturday, I don’t really care whether that means I’m not socializing with everyone I know… Maybe I’ll spend an hour at my office-mate’s potluck, but when 9pm nears there will be nothing to keep me from my Doctor Who premiere. And the connections I’ll make with that.

Because I know that two of my closest friends will likely be attending in their own homes too. And being together separately is a great thing.

Design Donnerstag: The Moment and Falling

Recently I got the idea to bring my artists tablet to my office at  grad school, as there are a few times that I have nothing much to do, which lend themselves greatly to designing things.

Meaning midday Friday when I have a three hour chunk of time between classes… And the likelihood that I would do work over my “extended lunchtime” is small.

So last Friday I finished these up!

A simple text based design of a Claudia quote from Warehouse 13:


And an illustration of the Moment button from the DW 50th Anniversary episode. Because why not!

great men

Plus the quote is lovely. If a little sad.

Design Donnerstag – Embroidery Ideas


I’ve mastered you now, weekly post! I have finished you three whole days early!

Ahem. Anyway.

Welcome to my design of the week!

I’ve been thinking about embroidery. I kinda miss embroidery.

My grandmother got me hooked. White on white french knots and satin stitch got me through many an awkward moment at family gatherings, and it’s a great excuse for a pre-teen to use to avoid those boring questions about schools and activities, especially when said pre-teen is not in a school-loving mood.


I made this awesome tree design once, and an abstract swirly ocean design.

But it’s been awhile.

Now that I’ll be in a position to get my own apartment, I’ve been thinking about decorations.

Well, if I’m being honest, Apartment Therapy may have more views this week from me than I’ve checked my email.


And I am an obsessive email checker.

So here are some designs!


Design Donnerstag ~ Strax In Progress

So here we are on another Thursday!

Cause it’s still Thursday here, for another whole hour!


I started this Strax design a view weeks ago when I needed some Doctor sass in my life. I love that Christmas episode, The Snowmen.

And so I began to figure out what I would want in a Strax shirt.

I think this will end up as two shirts in the end, a shirt with Strax’s face, and another with his silhouette and the quote.

His face is missing an eye and his ears, and the quote is missing some oomph.


But it’s coming along!

And now I have a presentation to finish!

Oi! Spaceman!

It’s been a while since I wrote up a real post on subtle cosplay, actually nearly a year.

So it’s time for me to introduce my favorite character from Doctor Who:

Donna Noble! (played by Catherine Tate)



She’s the oldest of the new companions, if we’re not counting Jack Harkness of course, and we meet her on the happiest day of her life.

Her wedding day. Of course, since it’s Doctor Who, it quickly becomes the weirdest day.

Her fiancee turns out to be using her to serve his Mistress, an arachnid from the dawn of the Earth whose brood forms the core of the planet. He had been serving her energy particles in her coffee, in order to rescue her Mistress’ children.

Donna is the one that ultimately stops the Doctor from destroying the entire brood.

We don’t see her again for a season, as the lovely Martha Jones is the new companion, but then she returns the following season.

And is generally brilliant, but never really sees herself that way, until the end.


Where she finds that she and the Doctor had been brought together by fate to save the universe and in the process becomes part Time Lord part human (the Doctor-Donna) and ultimately her brain begins to break down under the imaginary weight of this and then the Doctor has to remove all of her memories of him and saving the world and she goes back to being a temp.




Because she’s a little older, she has a slightly more conservative style, by which I mean her clothes are less T-shirts and sweatpants and more office casual day appropriate.



Like other companions, she does have a leather jacket, though instead of a bomber jacket style, it’s almost a coat.



She’s got bangs and a slightly longer than shoulder length haircut, which works very well with the ginger hair. Sometimes her hair will be up in a ponytail, and sometimes it’ll be down, depending on the adventure.



She’s often in a nice shirt and jeans. And by nice shirt I more mean fancier than a simple t-shirt but not quite to blouse status.



She’ll sometimes wear nice blazers, or sweaters.



But my favorite thing about Donna is that she’s always up for an adventure. Whether its dressing up to meet Agatha Christie or just saving the world, Donna is up for anything!

Oh, and did I mention she’s really the first of the new companions that wasn’t in love with the Doctor? I mean, he’s dreamy, but it can be nice to get away from the “Will they?” question to focus on the fun adventures.

Welcome to the Day of the Doctor!

In honor of the occasion I decided to subtly cosplay Donna!


Keep in mind I just woke up, and I’m not in any proper mood to take pictures. I was even too lazy to pull up the blinds. But I am dutifully celebrating the occasion, and I can’t wait to see the show!

And of course I put on my good ol’ TARDIS shoes!


By the way I’ve been doing a good bit of stuff, and have accumulated fabric and I have all sorts of stuff to share, but I currently am letting life get in the way for a bit. Too many projects and stuff due right before finals, and graduate school applications to work on.

But I will catch you up soon!