Me Made May ’15 Pledge!

It’s nearing that fateful month of May! The month where me made garments rain out from the blogosphere heavens and sprinkle all over participant’s blogs and on Flickr and Pinterest.

And it’s high time I join in!

I sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear at least one me made garment for at least half a day each day for the duration of May 2015.

Once again, I’ll be moving, but my move is less stressful this time. For one, its only five minutes away, but it’s also positioned at the beginning of the month, and I’ll be done with classes. And finals for that matter. Plus most of my me mades are suited for my pseudo office summer employment, so it’ll work out quite nicely!

I’ve counted up my Spring/Summer appropriate Me Mades that are not on the alterations pile and here’s my tally:

2 bodysuits
12 shirts
1 vest
5 skirts
6 daily dresses
2 fancy dresses
5+ cardigans

I definitely think this’ll be plenty to get me through!

Now I can’t wait!!

But I should go study for those finals now…

Green Gable Hat


My main reason for naming this was because it was green… and cables rhyme with gable.

Do you remember this hat? Fluffy looking and blue where you couldn’t see the design or shape?


I almost don’t since I can’t actually find it.

I made that pattern again, the Aran Tam from 101 One Skein Wonders, but this time in wool so I could block it. And it came out so much better!


Unfortunately it is a bit small, and I couldn’t make it grow bigger at the end, since you start with the brim and work inwards, so it’s a little small on me. But I like it, and if I’m going to wear a hat, I’ve got to like it!


Now if only the weather hadn’t suddenly realized it was spring, and not the time for warm hats!

Next year, this hat and I will get along well!


This should be the last make that I’ve been holding onto forever.

Last fall I let a lot of projects fall behind on the blog because of the dreaded math class. But now that it’s over I’ve been posting lots!


Partially it’s in anticipation of beating the last month of school in this semester and that means it’s likely that I’ll have yet another spotty posting record. But you don’t mind, right?

Back to the point.

This is my first Bronte! It’s comfy and cute, though I should’ve decided against the baseball vibe. Also I’m definitely sucking in for these pics. In reality, it doesn’t much matter whether I am or not, since its not as noticeable in the real world, but in pictures I can see it terribly. Maybe it’s because I wear cardigans all year round, which hides all manners of extra cookie eating excursions, but sometimes photographs miss… the way that I want stuff to be.


So the fabric is this t shirt jersey that I bought specifically for this. It’s got a bit of stretch, but it’s not the softest ever. But because it’s not fluid, cutting was easier!

The brown is yet again the mystery fabric that I made my comfy tee and chocolate bodysuit from. I’m almost out, I promise!

The shirt itself was quite easy to put together, and other than the decision on how to tack down the neck and, pretty simple from a decision standpoint. The seam allowance was small enough that you kinda have to follow the rules, which is good. I like to overthink things so whenever decisions are taken away from me the entire process comes out less stressful.


I’ve actually got another one cut out, ready to sew and hopefully post soon, so look forward to that!

Green and Grey

This may be my most comfy “work appropriate” dress.


I say that in quotes because, as a graduate student, my work attire is pretty much jeans and shirts. But as a tutor, especially one so close to the age of my students, sometimes I dress a little dressy to stand out.

But I don’t care, because this Dandelion is fantastic for both worlds.

I made this up last November, I think. I was giving a presentation, and I needed to get my mind off of it, so I made this!


The grey fabric is the same as my swingy circle skirt, and I think I’ve still got a bit left… some kind of slightly stretchy lightweight suiting. The lace was given to me by my mom, ego had gotten it from a friend who previously taught home ec for a school that then got rid of the sewing side.

As much as I find it unfortunate that the kids are missing out on the wonders of sewing, I’m pleased that I got some awesome French lace! There was also some lace in black and a burnt orange, so I’m looking forward to some nice lace makes!


So I made up the sweetheart neckline version… I ended up not needing to put in a zipper, which was perfect, due to the stretch of the fabric. When I don’t have to fiddle to put a zipper in, everyone’s life is happier!

Plus being able to just pull this over my head feels fantastic!

I did have a problem with the facings that was pretty much all my fault. Even though I have some interfacing, all I’ve got is the sew in kind, so after making a muslin for this dress, I just used the muslin facings as interfacing… which added tons of bulk in the neckline.

For a while I got away with just folding the facings under, but they started to roll out. So I stitched them, and the excess started to roll out. So finally a few days ago, I tacked down the ends of the facing to the seamlines in order to keep everything in its place.


Have I mentioned comfy? It does ride up a bunch when I wear it with leggings, but soon it’ll be too warm for leggings, and then I’ll be sailing smooth!

Emerald Circle Skirt


During one of the big storms that hit the South this winter I started dreaming of a wool skirt. And then I remembered my plans to make another circle skirt, this time out of a real color.

Grey is a great color, but it’s not someone’s first thought when you say “Pick a color!”

So I went online to the magical land of eBay and got this great emerald wool crepe. This one’s a nice weighty fabric with a loose weave and a lovely texture.


This time I made a 3/4 circle skirt, since the fabric already had enough body, and twirling would be dangerous enough.

I just had acquired a bunch of mystery fabric, and done of it was stiff and canvas like, so I used that as interfacing, since I always forget to obtain heavy interfacing.


And pockets. I put in (drumroll please: tssssssssssss) two pockets! Not one, which is acceptable, but two. Cause I love pockets!

Everything was going perfectly… until the hem. Now, I should have known better than to attempt using my rolled hem foot for such a thick fabric… but I don’t learn. So after an hour of attempting, I gave up.

sideMy piles and piles of vintage bias tape called to me, and I found this nice goldish beige. I’m pretty sure it isn’t the original color, as I think it just aged that way, but I love it!

So I attached this lovely double fold to the bottom and called it a day!


I think I’m in love with this skirt, and I’m proud to wear it for St Patrick’s Day!

Of course, though, it’s now quite warm out. Oh well!


I’ve had this project done for weeks now.

Maybe even a month or two.
Definitely a month or four.


A long while… but I’ve finally fixed it up so I like it and wear it, so ours time to share!

This is my first version of the Yellowtail Cami. It’s a cute pattern and fills in with my wardrobe needs.

I’ve been buying camisoles from Forever 21 for years now… they’re just so comfortable and inexpensive and great for layering. But all of mine are stretching out. The elastic to hold n most of them up had stretched out to twice the normal size. Now, I could just fix it with new fold over elastic, but where’s the fun in that? Plus slippery fabric.


I bought this pattern at the same time as the Dandelion Dress pattern (which I still need to show you), since the design lines were so unique. And it looked more sophisticated than my normal ones.

But for my first time through I wanted to use scraps and scraps only, so I happened to have enough t shirt weight fabric, so I started with that! It came together rather quickly, with only some minor confusion involving the top front pieces, and especially with me sewing them in backward.

And I had a top! But I found that, at least for this fabric, the fit was off. Some of this was due to pressing errors, but I think I should have just sized down on the pattern.

I ended up taking in the side seams and adjusting the angle of the front top pieces so it would lie flatter across my chest, but it still gapes a little. With a smaller size and stretchier fabrics this problem will probably go away.

I also will probably lengthen it in my next make as well, since I like my tops to reach at least a couple of inches past my belt. This was in part due to my cutting choices, and partly due to the cut off the pattern.


Most of the time I wear it as an undershirt-type thing… Which is really how I wear camis anyway. But I like that the top is pretty and peeks out nicely at the top, since its a higher cami than I normally wear.

But all in all a nice little top! I can’t wait to make more!