Foodie Friday #10

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Foodie Friday…

Perhaps its because I’m lazy, since I’ve certainly been making awesome recipes.

So as much as I like my little explanations, I’ll probably also have some versions like this one. Short sweet descriptions, and then links.

But consider this the super awesomely massive version. Great for number 10!

Empanadas. They’re like the cornish pasties I’d love to make (and haven’t) except smaller! But don’t forget to season the filling… Or be prepared to get out a dip. Like I have to. Hummus for the win!

Mini pop tarts. This weekend was the that of the pie crusts.  These were totally worth it, though I need to invest in a real rolling pin. An empty wine bottle will not cut it.

Pizza dough. I’ve fallen in love with this thick one from Alton Brown and this thin one from Inspiration Kitchen.

Goldfish cheese crackers. Delicious and puffy. Just don’t leave the leftovers in your overheated office… Not a good decision on my part.

Caramels. Still love this recipe to death. You don’t even have to stir!

Risotto pudding. Takes longer than a half hour (like my silly mind thought), but so uber worth it. I did sub in mostly lactose free milk and it was fantastic. Fun fact: Joy the Baker was the first blog I ever followed, and I still do today!

Mom’s soup. No link here, because it’s more of a word of mouth. Diceup any leftover soup worthy veggies you’ve got, saute until soft. Then one can of diced tomatoes to about two cans of chicken stock (give or take). Simmer for at least a half hour, or until you finish whatever else you’re cooking. You know, like risotto pudding…

Hummus. I’m pretty sure I just google it every time, and then ignore the recipes, but this is what I tried last. I added roasted peppers, though, and its amazing. This infographic is cool too. Maybe I’ll try one of those next!

Avocado chocolate mousse. I think it might just be my new favorite dessert. Now, this is the recipe I started with, but I first investigated others. And really I should have stuck with one. But helpful hints: Don’t just pour in chocolate chips. If you wanna use them, melt them first. Perhaps soften any hardened dates BEFORE you try to use them, or else they’ll soften in the refrigerator. Which is fine but odd. Also, if you can let it sit in the fridge for more than two hours, do so… I think it tastes even better. Also it counts as a breakfast replacement. Don’t try to eat it after breakfast, because you won’t want to eat lunch.

Scones. Already hands down my favorite breakfast-dessert. (But don’t worry, pancakes come as a close second) But with this fantastic recipe, you don’t need an egg or any butter. Just heavy cream. I actually used whipping cream, and I subbed in chocolate chips for currants. My new favorite recipe. Period.

Barley. Now this is simply just how to cook barley, but I had been carting around some barley for years, so I was happy to learn how to make it. And I do happen to love it. Though I’ll make it with chicken stock or salted water next time.

Tomato sauce. Simple, but I’ve been getting these delightful cherry and plum sized tomato buckets from Sam’s Club, and they are fantastic. So I thought, oh, I’ll just roast up some tomatoes and put it into my food processor with some garlic. I may have added the oil too. It’s delicious. And definitely use it for both pizza and pasta.

Pasta. Definitely try out this. Though invest in a rolling pin if you don’t have one. May I repeat. An empty wine bottle is not a replacement. P.S. I froze mine, and they still cook up a dream!

Nutella-ish. Try and follow a recipe. This one is a great one too! Don’t improvise unless you know what you’re doing. Or else you’ll come out with something like dough. And then try to smooth it out with oil. And then consequently, straight from the fridge your Nutella-ish will not be spreadable. Smooshable, but not quite spreadable. Great on the scones though!

So that’s it for this extended Foodie Friday!

I know that I’m forgetting a thing or two, so I can just tack them on to any future post.

See you next week!


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