Spring Green Almost Jeans

So I made jeans… almost.


There was a time when making these that I thought they would end up jeans. That changed.

When I’m unable to let out my creativity for a few weeks, in more than just super tiny projects, I plan super extravagant ones. Like basically making up jeans in a few hours.


Remember I cut these out a few weeks ago? The “pattern” was an old pair of very loved jeans, that despite the heavy fabric never seemed to bind anywhere but the stomach. I had sewed up the side seams of my trial before cutting out pockets and stuff, and when I tried them on, they didn’t really fit.


But on Saturday, I had a couple of hours where I didn’t need to do anything productive towards school, so I sewed up trousers instead.


Trial and error ruled over this project, but I know how to do it again, and what not to do.


I didn’t include the fly zipper, or any fastening at all, quite yet at least. I can just barely get these over the butt-tummy region, and once on they stay up just fine. The waistband is loose then, but it doesn’t bother me. I imagine that might change later.

The pockets were made from scraps of the graduation dress fabric! Yay for stashbusting!


I made it up with a contrast yoke, aka the underside of the fabric, and I’ve cuffed the bottoms. Eventually I’ll sew the cuffs down.

I love the green denim! It’s very thin though… you can see my school id outline really easily through the fabric, but I’m short enough that people probably aren’t looking for that.


Back pockets, though. I need those. A note for the next time, when I actually make them jeans instead of just trousers!


Vintage Lace and Velvet

At long last, ufo 2 has been found and can finally be shown off!


This dress was given to me by my boss when it really began to fall apart.

Someone used it in a short-run production that featured zombies, which made this a perfect dress at the time, but after that it was really unusable as a costume. Once it can’t be washed or dry-cleaned, it loses usability.

I’m not sure whether its a real 20s dress, but I’m pretty sure that’s the era it was supposed to be from.

Alas, I can’t show you it in its complete form, as I tried to work on this dress previous to starting this blog.

But here are the parts of the dress, and what I’ll be using to fix it up.


First up is the main part of the dress, made of a deep, deep blue velvet. It’s a very lightweight velvet, which is soft and nice ad well worn.

Personally, I don’t find this dress flattering.

You see, I have this thing called a stomach, and my stomach likes to be fed, and simultaneously doesn’t like crunches. Trust me, I’m working on talking to it about this.


But I like wide skirts, the twirly effect! This dress is more like a sheath, with a little bit of swing at the bottom.

It also comes too low at the top, when I had tried it on with the original lace top, and it is a very long dress on me.

I’m contemplating options, if you couldn’t tell.


Here is the original top, made of what looks to me like a cotton lace. It had aged to such a lovely yellow-brown color, but I assume the original color was a yellow-beige.

But it nearly fell away as I cut it from its hold on the velvet body. It was ready for relief.


Finally, this is the top I’m planning to use to rework this dress. It’s a very white polyester lace top.

Remember my Belle mock 2? That was the original shirt I was going to use, but I snapped it up for that project when I couldn’t at all find this one. But a recent discovery brought this one back to the light!

I’ll probably not end up working on this for awhile, but I thought it was high time to show it to you guys!

Checking in!

Hello everyone!

It’s only been two weeks but it feels like forever, so I decided I would let you know I’m alive…

That’s what I think when I haven’t seen someone post in a while, but perhaps that’s just me.

So I’m alive, and I’m working on some minor stuff…

Including this piece of embroidery!


This is from my last Design Donnerstag, and I’m not quite done, but I think I’m going to finish it tonight!

So look for a post on it, and hopefully some other stuff, shortly!


Design Donnerstag – Embroidery Ideas


I’ve mastered you now, weekly post! I have finished you three whole days early!

Ahem. Anyway.

Welcome to my design of the week!

I’ve been thinking about embroidery. I kinda miss embroidery.

My grandmother got me hooked. White on white french knots and satin stitch got me through many an awkward moment at family gatherings, and it’s a great excuse for a pre-teen to use to avoid those boring questions about schools and activities, especially when said pre-teen is not in a school-loving mood.


I made this awesome tree design once, and an abstract swirly ocean design.

But it’s been awhile.

Now that I’ll be in a position to get my own apartment, I’ve been thinking about decorations.

Well, if I’m being honest, Apartment Therapy may have more views this week from me than I’ve checked my email.


And I am an obsessive email checker.

So here are some designs!


When you play the Game of Thrones…

This weekend I embarked on the journey known as the show Game of Thrones.

It is a good journey, filled with lovely costumes and entertaining murder.

And I have news.

I’m a non-monogamous crafter. By far.

Maybe that’s not news. In fact, I think you all probably have caught onto that by now.

But now its most definitely okay!


I will not be attending SDCC this year, like I had planned. My friends and I decided that it was more important to go on an adventure together, rather than some of us attending the event while others couldn’t.

This means that a) I won’t have the deadline of July for my costumes, leaving me more time for non-monogamous fun.

b) I won’t have to shell out airfare for southern California on the super busy busy week.

Whew. Saving money is fun, ain’t it?

I’m still planning on making the costumes, so never fear, my super difficult to conceptualize and describe plans are definitely going to happen. It’s just a matter of when.

But this allows me to have some more fun too!


Although, knowing this, I should mention how many projects I’ve got going.


Archer shirt – my brown and cream one’s red bias binding came apart, so I need to fix it.

Belle’s cape – attaching ties and lace

Belle’s necklace – in a super hibernating state

Cardilero – Hehe. Let’s just not talk about it. Haven’t touched it in awhile.

Green denim jeans – I recently lost my favorite pair of jeans to inner thigh holes, so I’m gonna try my hand at making a pair.

Mesmerize sweater – I started it this weekend. Game of Thrones is quite lulling.

Strax – haven’t touched it.


UFO #2 - finally found it and got some pictures. Expect a post soon.

Sleeping? That I’m good on. Got lots of it. Perhaps that’s why I’m not being productive. Or doing homework. Sometimes my short term sanity takes priority over my long term homework efforts.

Design Donnerstag ~ Strax In Progress

So here we are on another Thursday!

Cause it’s still Thursday here, for another whole hour!


I started this Strax design a view weeks ago when I needed some Doctor sass in my life. I love that Christmas episode, The Snowmen.

And so I began to figure out what I would want in a Strax shirt.

I think this will end up as two shirts in the end, a shirt with Strax’s face, and another with his silhouette and the quote.

His face is missing an eye and his ears, and the quote is missing some oomph.


But it’s coming along!

And now I have a presentation to finish!