Subtle Cosplay Thursday

I’ve missed a few weeks now, and so I had to make up for it this week…

This week was full of cool days and jeans weather. And I had a test on the day I wore this outfit. So I was looking for comfort and cuteness.


Frozen’s Anna came to mind. So I grabbed my pink Anna sweater, a blue button up and black skinny jeans.

Since I was thinking comfort I actually wore my comfy walking sandals, but when it came to picture taking those had been taken off. If I had cared about accessories I would have worn a snowflake necklace and a Celtic leather wristband.


Not exactly Norwegian, but it’s always felt right for that situation.

Comfy Anna outfit, check!


First Time in Forever

So I volunteered at the movie theater on campus, and a few weeks ago we showed Frozen.


May I start by saying that I love the movie? There are many flaws, I know, but the songs are so catchy!

And when I saw it I really was looking at the outfits. I think I finally hit the point where I not only admire the costumes of movies and shows and stuff, but that I want to make and have all of it. I’m not 100% sure that’s a bad thing, but I know its not necessarily good either…

side drape

For our showing of Frozen, though, I definitely thought it would be fun to subtly cosplay Anna.

I knew I wanted a circle skirt that wasn’t already attached to a dress, specifically one that wasn’t black. I’ve got a flowy RTW black skirt, that honestly I don’t wear often (perhaps due to the fact that I stick out enough on campus that it isn’t worth the weird looks), so my plans for the upcoming black skirt will lead to a shorter and less flowy skirt, more A-line.


But I really like the freedom and comfort of a circle skirt. And now that its been warm, I appreciate the flow and  minimum fabric involved.

The fabric for the skirt is a blue crepe. It’s kinda heavy but surprisingly cool, and though I don’t know the fabric content at this point I don’t entirely care. It’s comfy, especially for around the house when I don’t have to care if people see the bike shorts I’m wearing underneath. I do think I need to angle the waistband a bit, but that will happen later, and I need to finish my skinny hem, but I’m thinking embroidery and it’s a long hem. And I needed something to wear yesterday.


On another topic I started on my drapey cardigan objective! Knowing I wanted to do this subtle cosplay gave me a great direction, and a reason to get started. This is a super lightweight rayon fabric that squishes into the size of about a child’s shoe, when given opportunity. Its really so soft and squishy, and comfy.


I’m not done with it though. It will gain sleeves at some point, but I didn’t feel like drafting them at the time, so that will be for after I’m done moving for the summer. Give me a month or so… and then maybe some.


But for now I’ll be frolicking through the summer heat in my Anna subtle cosplay!

Introducing Design Donnerstag – Olaf

I’ve decided to start a weekly thing, as I love when my favorite blogs have a weekly themed day, so why shouldn’t I emulate that.

But I know that I probably won’t be searching the internet every week for cool stuff to show you, so the next best option is to show you something I’ve made. Sometimes it’ll be a t-shirt design, and sometimes a sketch. It’ll depend on the week.

I chose Thursday over Tuesday because I’ll not ever have homework due on a Thursday this semester… so I’ll have time to make this post. Honestly that’s the only reason. After all, Design Dienstag sounds better.

And if you are very lost, Donnerstag means Thursday in German, and Dienstag means Tuesday.

So, with less pomp for our circumstance, here is my first design, inspired by Disney’s Frozen:

impaledipadIf you love it, check it out on Redbubble here.