Me Made May 2016 in Review

May is over, and I’ve started taking stock of how my month went.


This year I did manage to wear something me made every day, and had many all me made days to round it out. I even took pictures for about half the month, though not even all of those made it to Flickr.


My workhorses this month were my denim Ginger Jeans and Hudson pants. I’ve been working myself up to making another pair of Gingers, and now I’ve got the pattern traced out and ready to cut any day now. But I was surprised about how often I wore the Hudson’s. They got a lot of wear in the winter, but I don’t think about them much in spring and summer. But I see now that I really need a second pair. Preferably a bit more summery.

I didn’t keep track as I was going which me mades I was and wasn’t wearing, but looking back I think I hit all of the summery spring ones.

Here's the shirt in a MMM14 post!
Here’s the shirt in a MMM14 post!

There’s a couple that I really need to retire, like a shirt I made in early college that I love the (self drafted) design but at the time my execution has left much to be desired. It’s a little too short in bodice length, and I didn’t yet understand ease, so the band at the bottom of the bodice doesn’t meet, even with the buttons and elastic that I had added. I think I’m going to make a second version, but updated from all the experience I’ve gained in the past five years.


One of the other makes that need to be retired is one of my black Nettie shirts, which has been washed so many times that it’s become sheer…


Really, this month has come down to two thoughts. I need more Gingers, Hudsons, and realistically Netties too. And I’ve got enough (casual) office appropriate gear to last a full month. Not without repeats, but I love having a small wardrobe, so that’s fine with me!


Thanks to Zo for organizing the event again!

How did your May’s go?


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