Coming Soon to a blog near you

Hey there!

It has now been a smidge over a month since I last posted… I had this huuuuuge project/presentation that took over my life, and then I took a week to begin finishing up some projects.

But I have so much to tell you!

We haven’t even remotely discussed Halloween. Which needs to happen. Because I had an exciting week!

I’ve now made two self drafted garments, one of which is actually finished, and the other is… in progress.

There’s still some pieces that have been finished for many months that I want to share but need pictures.

And I’ve realized that I’ve completed a few costumes but have forgotten to take a picture of them as a whole. So as long as the weather cooperates, I should get some full pictures of those.

Because, since we’re on the topic of completed costumes, did you notice the changes I’ve made to the site? It was time for a banner update, since I’ve been out of that apartment for nearly two years now, and I figured that I might as well update the colors a bit as well. I was contemplating changing the theme itself, but I couldn’t find another free one that I liked nearly as much. And I added a new set of pages that will be devoted to finished costumes with links to the in process posts, as I finish and photograph costumes of course? I’ve already started to get loads of traffic to my site about my Susan quiver, so I’m glad the information is all centralized now.

Well, I guess that’s it on my end… for now!


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