Evolution of Me

The past few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about my style, and how its evolved over the past few years.

There’s some things that haven’t changed.

I still don’t wear much makeup. Much is even an overstatement. Really, if I’m wearing makeup, its because I was playing with makeup and couldn’t get it all off, so I had to compensate. Or I was dressing up for something. If you see me wearing contacts, that’s even more rare, but often overlaps with these same reasons. I am better at makeup, but that’s because I’ve been practicing for cosplaying reasons.

I still love jeans. I need to get better at either picking better fitting ones, or just suck it up and make them. I’ve got the Ginger Jeans pattern, and the denim, so its a matter of time. Maybe I’ll be motivated when it isn’t summer.

But it is summer, and even though its my second summer in the South, I still can’t handle it. Granted, last summer I spent it hiding in my house making stuff. It was a productive summer, but it was nice when I left the house before 7pm, or more often than twice a week.

I’ve mentioned it before, but this summer I’m kinda working in an office, and unfortunately, shorts are not exactly appropriate attire. My boss wears them, but he’s the only one I’ve seen in the whole office building in them.

Skirts and jeans are my go to choices this summer, which I bet are not surprising, as its kinda (casual) office attire. But it was a revelation for me. Why, I’ll never know.

But two years ago, when I was really starting to get going with this blog, I would never have dreamed of wearing a maxi skirt, or a short skirt really, or dresses half the week. I knew I started this blog for costuming, but by now its been a few costume pieces, and lots of other clothing and stuff. And I’m okay with that.

I definitely never thought I’d be making myself t-shirts. I do think that culottes are pretty resourceful. Who doesn’t like “skirts” that don’t have Marilyn moments? And last year’s bodysuits? Rarely worn, but for all the shirts I’ve been making from the same pattern, totally worth it.

I have two distinctly different looks during the school year. Either really put together on tutoring/presentation days. The days where I’m really making an effort to look my age. Instead of teenager-college aged. Because that’s the other set of days. Jeans and t-shirt days. Or snuggly sweaters, when the weather is appropriate.

And my wardrobe is evolving to reflect this.

I haven’t bought clothes (excluding undergarments) from a (non-thrift) store in over a year now, and I’m extremely proud of that. Until I remember that I have some shorts and jeans to replace.

I’m learning, and loving it. My knowledge of sewing comes from quilting, so I still have a problem remembering seam allowances bigger than quarter inch. My knowledge of clothing, though, comes from costuming, so the inside of my makes may not be pretty, but if my shape fluctuates, I know I can fix it. I will say that I miss costuming weekly, if not daily, which has led to binge watches of musicals on Youtube.

Let me tell you, Legally Blonde the Musical is perfection.

My average backup is 5 projects that don’t make it to the blog ‘on time.’ It’s even better when I get them posted in the same season.

So what is my current 5 project backup? You should expect to see these soon:

1. A tote bag to rectify my two laptops situation.

2. A second maxi skirt. This one is closer to satisfying my wearable blanket ideal.

3. Wide legged trousers for a new cosplay/Halloween plan

4. Two black t-shirts again made from the Nettie pattern

5. A knit Dandelion dress. Also a subtle Merida based dress

And a bonus:

6. My first pair of Tania culottes, which I still haven’t managed to show you.

These are all made, but its the photographing and writing stages that I haven’t quite gotten to.

Okay, reflection time is over. I’ve got a shirt to fit, and some (paying) work to get to.

But I hope you enjoyed the ramblings!


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