Week 4 (Extended) – MMM15

Guess what guys… I brought pictures!

Yes, I know. Pictures are great in the last week, but what about the first couple?

Well, one day I took a few hours and basically recreated all the outfits.

So there.

day 22

Day 22 – Purple Bronte top and cream sleeveless cardigan

This day, oh this day. I willingly went into the office (without cause or reason) and it was boring. So I needed something comfy, yet slightly entertaining. This combo certainly came to the rescue, as I could play with the cardigan all the time that I was supposed to be learning statistics mumbo jumbo.

day 23

Day 23 – Simple Staples black dress and unblogged cardigan

To recover from my unexpected trip to the office I stayed on the couch pretty much all day, so a pajama-level of comfy dress came in handy. Then when my now ex-roommate locked herself out of the old apartment, I came to the rescue, adding on the cardigan to cover up (really the armpit smell). TMI? It also was a good enough reason to get those groceries I’d been putting off.

day 24

Day 24 – Belle Mock 2 top

Another day lying around the house required another comfy outfit. Also I’m pretty sure that by the time I finished wearing all the outfits I had worn throughout the month to take pictures, I was almost unwilling to believe that non-me made clothes existed. And then I found the shorts, and had to take that back.

day 25

Day 25 -Plantain – unblogged

At this point, I moved my new couch, so that position on the wall was occupied… But I wore a cool weather Plantain, since I’d be inside and wouldn’t need to worry about the heat outside. It was on this day that I realized my air conditioning was broken.

day 26

Day 26 – Unblogged skirt

I wanted out. The heat had risen again, I had no respite in my apartment, so I left for the office again. With more intention this time to actually do something. Like learn statistics. Do you sense a theme? I grabbed this skirt that I made out of quilting cotton three years ago (pre-blog), and a tank top. I didn’t remember how short it was,perhaps because I made it to hit at around my natural waist. If it was a bit lower, it would be an appropriate length. Boy have I learned so much since this point, but I kinda want to rework this so it’ll be worn. And add pockets.

day 27

Day 27 – Nettie top

This top has gotten so much wear in the last two months, but its so comfy. Really really comfy. I think I sat around on the couch “learning statistics,” which did not require dressing up. I bet it did look weird with the shorts and with heels that night at my ballroom lesson though. Cause it was definitely too hot for jeans once I left the house.

day 28

Day 28 – Bronte

Shopping requires comfort…

day 29

Day 29 – Other Bronte

This was my first day at my new “office,” and I forgot whether it was a lax dress code. My supervisor there wears jeans and nice shirts, so I think I’ll follow through that way, but I wasn’t sure at this point. So I went with the comfortable and safe Bronte.

day 30

Day 30 – Technically nothing, but I was swarmed by my Susan dress all day? Trim is difficult people!

day 31

Day 31 – Sleeveless Archer

My alterations pile is looming, and I really should have gotten to some of it this month, but I forgot/ procrastinated. I did pull this out, though. Should fix it any day now. The fabric frayed out of some of the bias tape, which should be a quick fix, but procrastination is my nature…

So that’s May!

And what did I wear the first day of June? A RTW dress, cause the me mades I picked out would have been much too hot. Maybe when it next rains…



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