Week 3 – MMM15

Here’s another roundup! Next week I should be able to get some pictures of my unblogged makes to share with you!

Day 15 – Unblogged shell, again

My mom and I went on a fabric shopping binge, and I needed something comfy! This jersey shell is definitely that. It is another repeat, but what else is new? Jeans and a drapey cardigan, my favorite kind, completed the outfit.

Day 16 – Unblogged Syrah, again

Great for long car trips! I wore it with a favorite purple RTW top, and felt like the Little Mermaid all day.

Day 17 – Rainforest Purse

I feel almost like this was cheating, since I use it most every day, but I was running out of clean me-mades at this point of my trip. So I’m gonna count it!

Day 18 – Knockoff Shrug

The weather app on my phone lied to me. So I desperately needed this shrug to stay warm, since it was certainly not 82 degrees. Shorts were not enough…

Day 19 – Knockoff Shrug, again again

Always helpful among overly air conditioned places, even with jeans and a RTW top.

Day 20 – Unblogged shell, again again

I was on (and off) the road for about 12 hours. This shell provided lovely comfort.

Day 21 – Syrah again.

Paired with a cream shirt, This was the epitome of comfort for a rainy day.


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