Week 2 – MMM15

Here we are again… I guess I’ll jump right in!

Day 8 – Hudson pants

I stayed in all day on Friday, and I honestly wasn’t thinking I would end up wearing a me made, since I had ended up in what I had worn the previous day. I was covered in yarn sheddings though, since I was winding all my yarn into cute little cakes. I was going to count that. And then I changed into my Hudson pants.

Day 9 – Syrah skirt – unblogged

Super comfy and super easy to wear… Great for hanging around the house sewing!

Day 10 – Simple staples black dress

Again, super comfy, practically pajamas! My recipe for success!

Day 11 – Unblogged Nettie Shirt

This fabric is a dream. It feels like I’m wearing nothing, and I hate to admit it, but sometimes I have to double check. So another win! Even if the fabric is starting to pill a bit…

Day 12 – Culottes for a minute, and then my copycat hoodie

I hemmed these culottes by 9:15, because I was absolutely convinced I had a meeting. Until I didn’t. I think I’ll have to adjust the hem, since the waistband is causing the shorts to hang lower on my hips than is comfortable with the shorts aspect. But then since I knew I was baking with a friend I chose to non me made clothing until a birthday barbeque, where I adopted the hoodie. I wish I had worn jeans, since I ended up getting lots of bug bites. Not fun…

Day 13 – Refashioned me-made dress, again

So I definitely wore this last week, and I’ll have quite a few repeats this upcoming week, but it’s so comfy to travel in. Did nothing to help the itching of bug bites, so late in the day I wore jeans and a RTW top to dinner, with my knockoff hoodie to top it off!

Day 14 – Unblogged Bronte, again

What can I say? It’s comfy. I also didn’t pack for cool-ish weather, so the thickness of this shirt was quite helpful.

That’s been my week! No pictures again, but I’ve learned to accept this now. See you next week!


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