Week 1 – MMM15

So there aren’t really any pictures new this year in this post. This first week has been more about me moving into a new place and trying to find everything I own rather than taking pics of outfits… And I couldn’t find my comb or tripod for maybe four days.

Day 1: An unblogged as of yet Bronte top…

Yes, I am behind. Will you see this top ever? Probably… This week no. But it’s a comfy sweater knit that probably wasn’t meant for a t-shirt, but its oh so comfy. Along with a slight increase in size, as well as swinging the side seams out to be less fitted, this one is a keeper!

Day 2: An old cardigan

So this was the day I actually moved. So I wasn’t gonna sweat all over my really comfy me mades. But I did use the sweater throughout the day… Cold morning. Cold restaurant for lunch. Cold house. Cold restaurant for dinner. Trying not to die from allergies and asthma that night. You know, normal stuff!

handsDay 3: Cardigan again, and Hudson pants that night.

Some more moving, but once I was alone to unpack and settle I put on my hudson pants, a t-shirt, and a tv show… Oh wait, I didn’t have internet. This was when I watched the Lion Witch and the Wardrobe twice, and the recent movie Star Trek 3 times. Cause that’s how I roll.

Day 4: A redo of an old dress, that is unblogged…

Sensing a theme? I had this me made that I had made with some cousins, but I felt a bit frumpy with my version. Unflattering neckline and not enough room in the bust with the faux wrap top, so it always sat weird. I took it apart, and added a new top. One day I’ll tell you all about it!

brownfrontDay 5: Chocolate bodysuit and eventually a grey crocheted cropped cardigan

I always forget how much I love wearing my oversized onesie. So comfy, and so easy. And then my crocheted cardigan is great. Always.

Day 6: An unblogged top

I pattern tested this top… Super comfy and once again, I’ll let you see it sometime!




frontDay 7: Uganda dress

It was supposed to be a slightly cooler day, so I would be able to wear this with leggings. I did not think I’d be walking halfway home. Could have been better. But now I know that I really do need to put in dress weights and always keep things in the pockets.

So that’s this week’s roundup! I’ll try to keep you updated. And maybe, gasp, there’ll be new pictures!


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