Me Made May ’15 Pledge!

It’s nearing that fateful month of May! The month where me made garments rain out from the blogosphere heavens and sprinkle all over participant’s blogs and on Flickr and Pinterest.

And it’s high time I join in!

I sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear at least one me made garment for at least half a day each day for the duration of May 2015.

Once again, I’ll be moving, but my move is less stressful this time. For one, its only five minutes away, but it’s also positioned at the beginning of the month, and I’ll be done with classes. And finals for that matter. Plus most of my me mades are suited for my pseudo office summer employment, so it’ll work out quite nicely!

I’ve counted up my Spring/Summer appropriate Me Mades that are not on the alterations pile and here’s my tally:

2 bodysuits
12 shirts
1 vest
5 skirts
6 daily dresses
2 fancy dresses
5+ cardigans

I definitely think this’ll be plenty to get me through!

Now I can’t wait!!

But I should go study for those finals now…


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