I’ve had this project done for weeks now.

Maybe even a month or two.
Definitely a month or four.


A long while… but I’ve finally fixed it up so I like it and wear it, so ours time to share!

This is my first version of the Yellowtail Cami. It’s a cute pattern and fills in with my wardrobe needs.

I’ve been buying camisoles from Forever 21 for years now… they’re just so comfortable and inexpensive and great for layering. But all of mine are stretching out. The elastic to hold n most of them up had stretched out to twice the normal size. Now, I could just fix it with new fold over elastic, but where’s the fun in that? Plus slippery fabric.


I bought this pattern at the same time as the Dandelion Dress pattern (which I still need to show you), since the design lines were so unique. And it looked more sophisticated than my normal ones.

But for my first time through I wanted to use scraps and scraps only, so I happened to have enough t shirt weight fabric, so I started with that! It came together rather quickly, with only some minor confusion involving the top front pieces, and especially with me sewing them in backward.

And I had a top! But I found that, at least for this fabric, the fit was off. Some of this was due to pressing errors, but I think I should have just sized down on the pattern.

I ended up taking in the side seams and adjusting the angle of the front top pieces so it would lie flatter across my chest, but it still gapes a little. With a smaller size and stretchier fabrics this problem will probably go away.

I also will probably lengthen it in my next make as well, since I like my tops to reach at least a couple of inches past my belt. This was in part due to my cutting choices, and partly due to the cut off the pattern.


Most of the time I wear it as an undershirt-type thing… Which is really how I wear camis anyway. But I like that the top is pretty and peeks out nicely at the top, since its a higher cami than I normally wear.

But all in all a nice little top! I can’t wait to make more!


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