My homage to the phone box. The only part of my costume that screams Tardis…

This was the next thing I made after the jacket, since I knew that I would just be able to hook into the jacket and not need to worry about it afterward.


I bought this satin backed with twill, I think, last year with the side purpose of using it for this cape.

I had also bought a roll of the really wide black ribbon.

But I just couldn’t get myself to put it together. After my issues of the Belle cape not really fitting over my head, I had just started procrastinating.

So once I had the jacket made up, I finally decided that it was time. I cut out a half circle, I believe, and a hood from my royal blue fabric. I made sure that the hood was larger than the last time.


Then I took the ribbon and attached it to the edge of the hood. I had thought about adding it to the edge of the cape, but it wouldn’t have worked out with the circular edge.

I sewed it all up, included a gold lining to the hood, but not the length, and used a rolled hem for the length of the hem. It all sewed up smoothly.


But of course I didn’t work on the lettering until the morning of Halloween. One of my classes had been canceled on the fateful Friday, but I still had to go in for the second, where I was leading a discussion. So I decked myself out in a light version of Belle, and got to work on lettering and sparklies on other costume parts. I used puffy paint to write out the letters, but I tried to get them as block-y as possible, as well as even, which I may have sacrificed a bit. I centered the Public Call segment, but then Police and Box weren’t even.


When I got back from class, though, the puffy paint was still wet! I ended up carrying the cape very carefully and separately from the rest of my costume until we were almost ready to leave for the festivities.

It worked out, though, for the most part.

The hood is not comfortable to wear when attached to the jacket, so I’m considering added a thread loop, so I can wear the cape on the jacket or around my neck.

Decisions, decisions.

See you next week!


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