5 Goals for 2015

It’s been a fun week for me, and I hope not an annoying one for you, with my multitude of posts!

But I have thought long and hard about these goals, since my year may prove to be crazy, with another possible move, the beginning of research for my master’s degree, and more.

So here we go!

1. Make more pieces for subtle cosplay that would work in my daily life.

For instance, I just finished up my Hatter Archer shirt, which I’ll be posting soon. I also have plans to make a jacket from Stargate Atlantis’ later years, though that may take longer. But really, I love wearing any clothing I’ve made, but especially when I feel like I’m getting away with something. Like wearing something made to resemble a character or character’s outfit, without it being outlandish, in regular life with people who have no idea that it means something. Is that weird?

2. Make at least three quilts this year.

I got my sewing start with quilting, and all throughout middle and high school I made a lot of quilts, probably around 50. I fell off the bandwagon in college, when I didn’t bring my sewing machine, but recently I’ve caught the bug again. I’ve got two kits, which should provide me with some quick works, and I’ve got enough fabric to make most of another, but that one will take some real imagination on my part. So I’d like to make more, if possible, but I’ll stick with my goal of three.

3. Make mostly from stash.

Limitations often bug me, especially when it comes to my stash, but I think its time. Last year it didn’t work out, which may have been because I had two stashes, my home stash and my college stash, and I always left the fabric I wanted in the wrong place. But now I think it would be prudent to pare down when possible. So I’m thinking for every two finished projects from the stash, I can allow myself one fabric for a new one. This is going to count projects that are still on my in progress pile (as well as my new Archer, because I can), but not reworking of old projects.

4. Try to use my serger more, as well as my other more specialized crafting.

I have this wondrous serger that is only sometimes broken, but I rarely use it because it seriously sounds like a train. So I’ve been restricting it to use only when my roommates aren’t home, and pretty much only daylight hours. But I rarely get inspired during that time, so I don’t pull out these tools often. Same with my leatherworking tools, which I’d also like to use more.

5. Emphasize materials and fit.

When I do buy fabric, I want it to be at least pretty good quality. I started doing that for my yarn projects this summer, and now I use the socks and cowl all the time. Maybe that’ll help in sewing too. And when I make a garment, I want to know that it fits, so after the first (real, not blog pic) wearing, I’ll decide whether to fix or to leave each project, or donate if its horrible. That should help with my meh feelings on some of my me mades.

Well, it has been a lovely week, and a nice roundup for me.

I’ll be back next week to start running through my list of finished but not blogged projects. I also will have a series of posts related to my TARDIS costume, and hopefully some more subtle cosplay stuff showing up!

See you next week!


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