Top 5 Reflections of 2014

Happy New Year! Cue the confetti!

Reflecting on last year seems appropriate, no?

(And I’m really glad that the goals are for tomorrow, because I still haven’t thought about it!)

1. I’m happier with the finished product when I love the fabric.

Some discount fabric stores draw me in with low prices that make me buy things I think I want (like a cute pattern in a polyester) , until I make something with it. Like with my Peanut Butter Cup Nettie, I thought the fabric was great, even though it was most certainly polyester and cheap feeling, but when I went to wear the bodysuit it was sticky and got smelly too soon, and in general just isn’t comfy.

2. Others’ generosity is why I have a fantastic stash.

Over half of my stash is gifted fabric. Whether its destash from my boss, or free lace that my mom stumbled upon when a home-ec program was dissolved, or bags of fabric from freecycle-type websites, I’m lucky to have had such great sources of fabric. My notions stash is predominately vintage, and (not that I like my family getting too old to sew) most of the growth of it is from family destashing, or neighbors of family destashing, etc.

3. I like solid colors. I prefer solid colors. Solid colors are my thing.

Patterns tend not to get worn. I’ve got some RTW stripey sweaters, and a few dresses that have tiny patterns. I just noticed that three of my misses involved larger patterns. Now, I’ve got plenty of fabric with patterns, and I have no intention of not making them up when the need arrives, but if I’m going for clothes that I’ll wear again and again, it should be solid. But I love textures in my fabric. Lace, velvet, textured knits, those are fantastic for me.

4. Because I like solids, patterns should have “interesting design lines” or be suitably complicated, or exactly what I need before I’ll want/buy it.

For instance, the Hudson pants (which I’ll be posting on soon)… lounge pants with pockets? Sold! Or the Bronte top, which I had been wishing for and finally bought through a Perfect Pattern Parcel. That neckline! Or the Dandelion Dress and the Yellowtail Camisole from Seamster. Perfection! Actually, all of these I’ll be posting

5. A good balance of costuming and real life clothes is best, especially until I actually attend a con.

I started this blog and my journey in sewing clothes through costumes, but in order to keep my inspiration and sanity, a good mix of costuming is key. It helps with procrastinations. You know, when you procrastinate on one thing by working on another? Cleaning is always an option, but other projects are ideal.

Looking over this list, I think I’ve had plenty of soul searching this year, which often comes hand in hand with big life changes, but I like what I’ve learned, and I’m looking forward to incorporating it into my practices!


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