Top 5 Highlights of 2014

Ah highlights. A good post for New Year’s Eve!

1. I graduated college!

It was nice to finally reach the end of my undergraduate career. Even if April was brutal, it allowed for a fantastic May!

2. I got into graduate school, and have now completed my first semester!

Pretty much forever I’ve wanted to be a scientist, and now I’m well on my way to reaching my dreams. And its warmer here than my undergraduate college. I think I chose well!

3. Moved into my first apartment!

This goes hand in hand with grad school, but after living at a completely residential college for my 4 years there, its nice to be able to light candles, and nearly burn things in the kitchen (and then catch them before its too late), and hang pictures on the walls without fear of campus safety or residential life, respectively.

4. I knitted my first successful socks!

Years and years have passed since I’ve started knitting, but I never got around to socks, until this year!

5. I haven’t bought new clothing since January!

Now, this isn’t counting thrift store shopping, since I have bought some used jeans. The last new thing I bought was some jeans off of Groupon that didn’t exactly fit, but I needed them when I couldn’t exactly thrift or make last semester. Now that I’ve thrifted some more jeans, I’ll be removing these ill-fitted jeans from my wardrobe, and then its like it never happened, right? Maybe not, but at least I know I won’t be needing to buy more anytime soon!

Happy New Year’s Eve!


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