Top 5 Misses of 2014

So here’s my top 5 misses. And in reality, for sewing at least, it looks like there’s only 5! Pretty sweet, in my mind!


1. Meshy mesh shirt

In reality, I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t wear t-shirts like this and mesh shirts aren’t my thing. Maybe it’ll work as a beach thing (and leave some weird tan lines), but I’m not sure of anything at this point.


2. Hybrid top

I thought this was going to be awesome, and part of the downfall was that it was my first time sewing knits, but it’s relegated to the Fix Me pile.


3. Gold skirt

Major panty lines. And stomach bulge. Not bad for a stay at home skirt though, for doing home tasks and maybe taking out the trash. Especially in the heat of summer when all I want to do is die.


4. Peanut butter cup bodysuit

It was such a nice make, a slinky bodysuit for wearing with all my skirts. Except it doesn’t match any of my skirts. And it’s not comfy. It sticks to my belly too much. But it’ll hang around for at least a little. Maybe it’ll be better in spring?


5. Sorbetto

Not the worst thing I’ve ever made, but it does require ironing. Every single time it comes out of the laundry. I’m not very big on ironing. So I’ve only worn it once after the initial wear and fix. Since I still haven’t ironed it.

The two misses I’ve made otherwise are my 3 year sweater, and my burgundy bliss shrug. Haven’t managed to wear them since posting. The 3 year sweater may be fixable, but we’ll see.

See you tomorrow!


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