Foodie Friday #7

It has been a long week. I’ve still got a backlog of creations to tell you about, but there was this thing called school… and math homework.

I was dutifully working on the problems throughout the week, like a good little student. It left little time for post writing.

But I have been making some stuff… still gotta eat, right?

Math makes me hungry anyway.

This weekend I made up some baked tofu, using this recipe… it was good, but not nearly as good as when I last made it. This time the texture was off, since I made more in the same pan, so it didn’t cook as well. Make sure you leave enough space for the moisture to bake out!

They’re making a good insert to grain salads, though. Something about the extra vegetables that gives extra taste.

There also was a banana bread make… supposedly. I didn’t have any eggs, and I used almond flour… it flopped out of the pan in a mush. It was a delicious mush! But not very appetizing. I ended up eating it for breakfast for half the week, which was a nice change from my normal oatmeal.

Last night I roasted up some peppers and tomatoes! Set the oven for 425*F, waited 20 minutes on the tomatoes, 10 extra minutes on the red and yellow peppers, and another 10 minutes for the green. Haven’t tried any of it yet, but the smell was absolutely fantastic!

I also made miniature welsh cakes, using Sorted’s recipe. I’ve made them before, and I’ll make them again! I forgot to fake the self rising flour this time, but they came out well anyway, even puffed a bit. I needed snacky food since I’m away from home this weekend and won’t have access to a car to get breakfast tomorrow, so I needed to make sure to have something tasty to make it through the morning!

And since I haven’t posted anything this week, I decided to take a picture of the miniature cakes! Would you believe that even with every light in my kitchen on last night, I still couldn’t get a better picture than this?



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