Baby Groot!

Happy Labor Day! If you’re not American, happy Monday! May I wish you a blues-free Monday!

There was no beating around the bush with this title today.

I made baby Groots and I’m so proud of them.


Sculpey was the main ingredient. I used two different colors of brown Sculpey 3.

Other ingredients: Itsy bitsy clay pots, pins (i ended up using mostly T-pins), heavy-duty glue, paint, air dry clay, pin heads.

I got the clay and pots from AC Moore, and I had the other ones on hand.


Then I used the darker clay, which was honestly a bit too dark for Groot, and created the base layer. So basically just a tube of clay supported with pins.

Layering on thin ropes of clay, I created the rest of his body, then stuck pins in and wrapped other ropes around them for arms.

The head. This part took the longest. I started with a sphere of clay. Then I flattened and smushed and added and flattened and smushed. I took the heads off some black ball pins, and used them for eyes on the big version, while using small circles of the darker clay for the small version. For the “hair” I used lots of small ropes and stuck them on and blended.


At this point, it was late at night, so I waited until the morning before I did the baking.

I actually baked the groots inside their individual clay pots, so they’d likely stay up, since my baking sheet doesn’t exactly lay flat in the oven. It’s just a smidgeon too big for the oven. I think the small one was cooked for 30 minutes, and the larger one for 45.


Paint the pots white, fill the interior with air-dry clay, glue Groot to the clay (once mostly dry), and you’re done!

Ta da!

littleThe little one is gracing the office of some geology graduate students and the bigger one is sitting proudly in my office!


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