Foodie Friday #2

Another week, another Friday… And it looks like posting from my phone needs some work… So hello Thursday! I’m continuing on anyways…

This Friday is the first after starting grad school… I very much enjoy the classes, but at the same time I love the weekend freedom.

So this week I made some pralines. Pralines are delicious, and I’ve always wanted to make them, but I don’t often buy pecans, which are the staple of the candy for me. So when I went to Trader Joe’s this week, I picked up a pack of roughly chopped pecans. Then I read the recipe from the Kitchn, and I realized that it needed milk. Pralines would have to wait until after the orientation shenanigans, since I had run out last week. I’m not much of a milk drinker, and I drink lactose free milk when I do, which is much too expensive to use in recipes. Finally I was able to make the pralines, and they turned out lovely! I think I may have stirred a bit too long, though, since by the time I dropped the last few they were pretty much already crystallized. But pralines are definitely on my To Make Again list.

The Kitchn also has a lovely soft caramels recipe, which I highly recommend. Too tips for this though: Don’t make while its rainy, my second try turned out hard yet sticky due to a wrong temperature and the humidity. Also, learn what temperature your thermometer counts as boiling. Mine actually reads boiling at 97*C, so everything I make has to reach a slightly lower temperature, which could really mess up candy recipes.
I don’t have an update on bread making yet, but stay tuned!


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