Spring Green Almost Jeans

So I made jeans… almost.


There was a time when making these that I thought they would end up jeans. That changed.

When I’m unable to let out my creativity for a few weeks, in more than just super tiny projects, I plan super extravagant ones. Like basically making up jeans in a few hours.


Remember I cut these out a few weeks ago? The “pattern” was an old pair of very loved jeans, that despite the heavy fabric never seemed to bind anywhere but the stomach. I had sewed up the side seams of my trial before cutting out pockets and stuff, and when I tried them on, they didn’t really fit.


But on Saturday, I had a couple of hours where I didn’t need to do anything productive towards school, so I sewed up trousers instead.


Trial and error ruled over this project, but I know how to do it again, and what not to do.


I didn’t include the fly zipper, or any fastening at all, quite yet at least. I can just barely get these over the butt-tummy region, and once on they stay up just fine. The waistband is loose then, but it doesn’t bother me. I imagine that might change later.

The pockets were made from scraps of the graduation dress fabric! Yay for stashbusting!


I made it up with a contrast yoke, aka the underside of the fabric, and I’ve cuffed the bottoms. Eventually I’ll sew the cuffs down.

I love the green denim! It’s very thin though… you can see my school id outline really easily through the fabric, but I’m short enough that people probably aren’t looking for that.


Back pockets, though. I need those. A note for the next time, when I actually make them jeans instead of just trousers!



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