My friend gave me a lovely compliment today after seeing my new hair accessory.

She told me that if I was to be any Disney character, she would place me as Chip!


Chip is one of my favorite characters from Beauty and the Beast, maybe because of his insatiable curiosity.

He genuinely wants to know everything about what is going on at any point of the movie, so much that he sneaks into Belle’s bag to see the world outside the castle and saves Belle and Maurice.


Curious and smart!

So I made my hair slide out of leather, as I mentioned on Sunday.

It took me about two and a half hours in total, plus waiting time.

I cut and tooled the leather, added a coat of white acrylic paint for a base, then colored the rest of him.

Added a coat of varnish and he was good to go!


I currently have a double pointed knitting needles as the stick, but I’ll be cutting a dowel soon.

And here is a picture explaining how awkward taking pictures of the back of your own head can be… Do you see how contortionisty my arm is? Straight back and twisted… Painful.



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