This upcoming year will be big for me, bigger than 2013.

2013 was big.

I studied abroad, and loved the scenery!

I started this blog when my friends and I decided we were going to SDCC in 2013.

I bought a vintage serger, and while it may not be working at the moment, it’s been a treat to have it around and fiddle.

I started working with leather, which has been fascinating and rewarding.

I started sewing clothing for real. Even though I had made a shirt before, and costumes at work, I had never made something I was completely happy with for myself.

My totals:

6 totally completed costume pieces, sewing-wise

1 still needs beading, but it’s done with the sewing

1 is pretty much unwearable as is, so I’ll likely rework it in the new year

6 garments, including a mini crinoline

2 new leather belts

2 props for costumes

1 completed costume necklace

I’ve got other projects in the works, but these are what is fully completed as of right now.

In 2014, though, many changes will be happening.

I’ll graduate from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Biology.

I’ll hopefully be going to graduate school.

I’ll need to get an apartment in order to attend graduate school.


And I’ll be going to SDCC, if all goes as planned.

It may not, which is not a happy thought, but my life has proven time and time again that it doesn’t always go as planned.

In honor of the changes in my life, I changed my blog theme. I wasn’t 100% happy with the old one, and this one even allows for my own banner and multiple pages, so I can lay out my projects all nice.

So my current plans for the year are to finish at least one project per month, with two of the months being a yarn based project.

I really need to finish my crocheted sweater that I’ve been working on for years. I told you that I had also started knitting a sweater. At this point that sweater is a lie. I haven’t even cast on yet. So those would be the two projects.

I still have two complete costumes to start and finish before July. I bought some taffeta for the TARDIS costume, so that’s a bit more fleshed out.

There is also a bit of an issue with my fabric stash. I’m unable to sustain what I have, as it’s eaten my closet.

So I’m instituting a ban on fabric buying, with a back door. If I use ten different fabrics, and completely finish the projects involved, I am allowed to buy two yards of fabric. Any fabric, in any combination, as long as the total amount of yardage is less than two. I know full well that I may break this, but that means I’ll have to use (total yardage/2)*10 fabrics before I can buy more. The counter starts again immediately after fabric buying. This will count out anything that I have begun sewing before the new year, but projects that are cut out, but not sewn may count towards the fabrics. So I already have one project towards this new goal.

One of these days I’m going to organize my at-home fabrics, and when I return to school I will do the same for my school fabrics and give you the stats. It’s going to be terrifying.

I also want to do some more week to week blogging, so that I don’t go weeks without a post because I’ve been too busy to make something. So look out for something regularly popping up!

I have a lot of stuff to work on, but it’s nice to know that you’re right here with me!

Have a great NYE and have a great new year!


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