Belle Mark 2

This is the beginning of a new way of arranging my projects.

My normal lackadaisical method of working projects just wasn’t working for the progress that I wanted to be making.

So I’ve decided to work on one costume set at a time. First Belle, then Susan, then the TARDIS.

This doesn’t mean I won’t be working on other projects as well. But in terms of my long term projects, I’ve got to have a plan…cute

After the first attempt of this dress, I was a little disheartened. The bodice was too long, the skirt too short, and the entire contraption was just a little too big to be worn on its own.

On my new pattern pieces, I took in the bodice, lowered the point of the neckline, shortened the bodice, widened the waistband, and changed the skirt from a full circle skirt to a 3/4 circle skirt.

My serger is having timing issues, so I borrowed one to quickly put the dress together. Once the pattern pieces were finalized and the pieces cut out, it only took me about a half an hour to put it together. I had cut two pieces of waistband, and pieced them like a casing before attaching them to the bodice and skirt.

I knew I wanted to put the real dress on a pre-made shirt, and I happened to have this lace stretch skirt hanging around. I had planned to use this shirt for a similar purpose on a different project, but it seems that I have misplaced it. So I’ll be using the shirt for this!


The pictures here have the dress pinned onto this shirt, simply because I don’t have the white thread at this moment to sew it together. But I needed to see it all attached to really know how it would end up on the finished product.

I probably won’t show it to you when it’s totally done, since I’ll be much happier with the real dress, otherwise known as Mark 3. I can’t wait to really wear this dress, though. It’s such an improvement over the first that I almost can’t believe it.

And soon I’ll be off to do the final version of the dress. Stay tuned!



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