I eat cake for the frosting.

I don’t really enjoy cake.

The food kind or the sewing kind.

Don’t get me wrong, the perfect kind of cake can be magical and exactly what I need after a super long week.

But my sewing has been quite frosting oriented.

AKA costumes.


Then I realized I had forgotten my only pair of leggings at home.

I’m not one to wear leggings without a dress or a skirt. For me, I just don’t find them a proper substitute for pants.

But they are so much better for wearing under dresses and stuff than tights, if simply because they don’t pool around my ankles over time.


So I decided to buy Cake’s pdf version of the Espresso leggings.

I got some of the cheapest knit fabric from Walmart, and grabbed my scissors, tape, and elastic to get started.

Then I procrastinated. And continued to procrastinate.

But yesterday I finally made up the pattern. From cutting to sewing it took me no longer than an hour, and the leggings fit me like a glove!


I will cut the strings, though. Oops! But look at the adorable ricrac tag!

I’m very excited, and I’m never planning on buying leggings again!

Cause I know I can just make some wonderful ones!

Thanks Cake!


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