So… I had a moment of weakness.

I went to a friend’s Masquerade themed birthday party, but that wasn’t the weakness.

I knew I didn’t have a mask, and I forgot that my contacts hadn’t quite made it up to college with me… so a mask for this party was out.

But my fingers were still itching to wetform leather.made up

And… I made an eyedrive from Doctor Who

designFirst I designed and drew the eyedrive on the leather, and cut it out.

I tooled it slightly, in the “eyeball” region to give it a nice texture, then got it wet and began to wetform it to my eye.

Imagine a roommate coming into the apartment and seeing me blow-drying my eye.

cut out and tooledThen I realized that I had made the eyedrive fit the wrong eye. Oops!

But I didn’t want to give up. So I started painting.

black paint

First came the base layer of black.

Then I mixed in some gold and gave it a few more coats!


And voila!

frontI’ve attached it to my eye with tape loops, since I couldn’t figure out another way that didn’t involve it looking like a pirate’s eyepatch. I certainly wouldn’t recommend this method for anything but short term engagements. I was able to see out of it a bit though. Out the bottom and the sides, which felt weird.


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