Trial and Error Part 2

I love my culottes.

I love my culottes dearly.

However my culottes didn’t fit… quite right. Even right after I made them. I just wasn’t able to admit it.

You may remember that I thought my fashion fabric was knit.


I can hear some of you laughing at me right now.

It was not my brightest moment.

I had added a zipper into the left side seam, so I could actually get in and out of them, which certainly helped. I just couldn’t add anything to my stomach while wearing them.

hem facing

But I do like to eat at some point in the day.

So my fixes:

First I added a double layer of hem facing into the side seams, since it would be better than cutting out and attempting to sew more of the fashion fabric in. That would require some ironing, which I was not in the mood for, having already ironed the whole pair of culottes. There’s an awful lot of fabric in those things. These inserts make the skirt hang a little differently, but not drastically.side

After this I tried them on, and saw that the inseam hung out from below the hem. It’s important to have a full length mirror when you’re sewing. Or at least one that you can move around without having to stand on a chair to see into it.

So… second I got to work unpicking the seams, and hemmed it up a bit higher.

And now I’m much happier!

Next up, my vest lining!


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