Well, lookee here!

So this is my 50th post, which I’m quite proud to have made.

Not that this post in particular is a terribly important post.

I’m not good at keeping up with things like blogs, or journal writing, or reading scientific papers. Those things they say will get easier the more you do them. People may not say that about scientific papers though…

But I’ve made 50 posts! In six months!

And there are many more to come.

I thought I’d use this post to tell you about some stuff I normally wouldn’t write about. Like self promotion. I tend to forget to self-promote, so I made this post!

For one, I’ve had 1892 views in total so far. That’s exciting!

The most used search words seem to be revolving around Warehouse 13’s Claudia and Altoids tin projects.

I’ve completed a Farnsworth, a watchband, culottes, a vest, and tons and tons of planning.

There’s a Tumblr associated with the blog now, for when I get bored or sad and need a tumblr pick me up. I mostly reblog things I find absolutely wonderful, though it is mostly fangirly stuff. You can find me here!

I have a Spoonflower account, for all you sewers! I can’t quite afford the fabric at the moment, being a starveling college student, but one of these days you may see one of my fabric designs in one of my projects! If you’re interested in my fabric head on over here.

And I’ve mentioned my beaded jewelry shop BeadsAndQuotes here, but here’s the link again! I also sell handmade illustrated quotes there. My Christopher Robin one is popular.

My final bit of self promotion: I have a shop of t-shirt designs on a site called Redbubble. I’ve got it stocked full of wonderful geeky t-shirt options and pretty greeting cards. They also sell stickers of designs and ipod/ipad cases. You can see my shop here!

And that’s all, folks!

Here’s to another 50 great posts!


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