I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with the horse.

So I’m continuing work on my Farnsworth as I’m waiting for my new serger to decide it wants to sew.

If I have the option of not handsewing, I’ll avoid it.

With very few exceptions.

So I got the wires all glued in, though I’m not sure how permanent the super glue will end up being.

We’ll see!


I received my gold paint pen, and almost immediately got to work on some detail work.


The handwriting inside is a little too off center for my liking, but it will do for this project. If I ever redo the Farnsworth, I’ll be a little more exact and a bit more careful.


Feel free to ignore my artsy photography choice above. I’m working on it.

Also I took apart a broken microphone, and will be using the microphone wire mesh for the same basic purpose on my version.

I just need to figure out how to cut it.

Perhaps I need some wire cutters.

Edited: As of right now this project is finished. Follow it from its inception, to further planning, to sanding and painting, to the wirework, to (this) the gold detailing, to the gluing of all the components together.


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