Creative Process

Today I’m here to tell you all about my beadweaving process.

Welcome to my business notebook. notebookMy business notebook makes up for its lack of, well, business figures with lovely sketches of necklaces. Necklaces that I plan to make in the future.

Like this one! It’s a rough sketch of the necklace I’ll be working with for this post.

initial pic

So this necklace will have a focal of a square metal worked flower thing. See, my grandmothers gifted me with some old earrings, mostly clip-on ones, but because I have little ears, most of these were too big for me, and the ones that weren’t clips won’t work for me because I’ve never pierced my ears.

earringsMy favorite ones are the sparkly diamond ones, but I’m saving those for some very special necklaces. The ones shaped like drops are probably going to be involved in my TARDIS costume.

Here are the beads I brought with me on my study abroad trip. There are definitely enough to make two necklaces, and I brought along a second pendant for that reason! The rectangular bead next to the square focal will be for the other necklace, and a number of the beads will be more involved with that one.

beadsHere’s the plan. I’ll show you pictures of the in progress. My process is more visual than anything else.

half Here it is about halfway through. This is still a testing phase, making sure all my plans actually look good in reality, instead of just in my head.

storedThe problem with having a small workplace is that I can only do one project at a time, in the space. In the middle of the necklace making, I had to use the desk for something else, so here is all of the beads and the in-progress necklace packaged up in a small bag!

fullAnd here is the finalized necklace. Its a beautiful piece and drapes quite nicely.

When I return home to my other beads and necklaces, I’ll be putting the necklace up for sale! I’ll post the link when I get it up for sale!


2 thoughts on “Creative Process

    1. Thanks! I love taking something old and making it new again, no matter how cliche it may sound.
      I described my original plan for my TARDIS costume in this post:
      Basically I’m designing a steampunk ensemble based heavily on the inside of the Eleventh Doctor’s first TARDIS!
      The drop earrings would be representing the architectural reconfiguration system, that I affectionately call the “lightbulb tree,” that builds whatever the TARDIS needs, and will probably be attached to the cloak.

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