She just wanted to be free.

I first watched the film Penelope on a big flat screen television in a little vacation home after my parents and brother had gone to bed. They didn’t want to watch an obviously childish chick flick about a girl who had a pig nose.

I still think they missed out.



Penelope is a lovely movie, and it has a great message.



But she has the coolest style! Its equal parts quirky and colorful!


The best thing she owns, it seems, next to the incredibly beautiful wedding dress, is her scarf that she uses to hide her nose while she’s out on the run. I found two websites that had wonderful recreations of the scarf, which I’m planning on making at some point. Probably in the distant future.



Here’s one of them…


And here’s the other, and she was lovely enough to provide a pattern!

penelope costumelink

I also really love this gal’s Penelope cosplay. I think she looks awesome!


When I cosplay her, it will likely be a much subtler cosplay. Like tricking out my coat, when and if the buttons go, and using the blue dress with green and black striped shirt route. That kind of subtle.


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