Good ol’ shopping!

Who doesn’t love shopping! Well, kinda me, but when I get goodies, especially lovely and gorgeous goodies, it all works out for the best!

So, I got lots of fun stuff, but I’ll be showing you the highlights.

buttonIsn’t this button cool! It reminded me of Gallifreyan, and so I had to buy it, even though it was the last button in stock! If there had been more, who knows how many I would have gotten!

copper fabric

These are three throw pillow covers in a brilliant copper, with a suede pattern on the front of the pillows. It was so Tardis-y that I couldn’t stand it! Charity shops are fantastic!!

lace shirt

So I haven’t shown you this project yet, but it will become UFO number 2, upon return to the states, when I can get my hands on it to take some pictures! This is a stretchy lace shirt that I picked up to save some time and effort in finding the perfect lace and making a shirt top.


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