UFO #1 About Half Done

Look! Look! Look!


I’m about halfway done with the main structures of the sweater, with creating the base portion of the sweater. The next part to do is the shawl collar, after fitting the base.

In case you aren’t up on your yarn-based crafts, I’ll remind both of us about the proceedings.

To fit the base, I first need to block the base. Because I don’t have all of the supplies I would prefer to do this, ie an ironing board and a spray bottle, I’ll be working with a towel. I have some safety pins, and I’ll find a ruler.


I’ll be pinning the project to the wet towel, in the dimensions dictated by the pattern. Make that, as close to those dimensions as is possible…

Once its dry, I’ll be sewing up the arm seams, making sure I have the proper room to move.

I tend to find that even with careful measuring and blocking, I still rarely get a garment that really fits without me fixing it somehow, normally enlarging certain portions, so I’m doing it right this time. By checking for fit early on, I’m hoping to arrest this problem well before the end of the project, before I can decide that I’m not going to wear the project that I spent so much time on.

After any fixes, I’ll be making appropriate fixes to the pattern for the shawl collar, and then I’ll be working on finishing up that one!

Edging, and then finishing the garment with a waistband, and then I’ll have myself a sweater!


3 thoughts on “UFO #1 About Half Done

  1. Hi, I am new to your blog so I don’t know if you have mentioned this in a previous post but what yarn are you using for this? It’s beautiful! Is it variated or severel different yarns together?

    1. It’s a variegated yarn with a few colors to it. I wish I knew what the brand or maker was, but I was given the yarn for free, and it didn’t have any brand info on the tag. It’s a dream to work with! Sorry I don’t know more!

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