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Clara Oswin Oswald is not possible. She’s a twice dead ordinary girl. And she is the Eleventh Doctor’s current companion.



Each companion’s style is unique, and quirky. Rose was simple and clean, but would sometimes change into period costumes for special episodes. Martha was mostly in jeans and her leather jacket. Donna had her business attire, and her casual attire, but also wore some period costumes. Amy predominately wore casual clothing on the adventures. She had a few outfits that showed up again and again, but mostly they were all within the same theme.



Clara’s not the average companion though. We’ve met three versions of her. One of them is in the future, where she is a junior entertainment manager on the Starship Alaska. She wore a short red jersey dress with high top wedges.

The next was the Victorian version, where she wore two fantastic outfits, one with a burgundy brocade look to the corset and overskirt combination, and the other was a stuffy looking blue outfit with a very large bustle.



The current Clara has a very vintage-y style. Sometimes she looks like she popped out of the sixties, but much of the actual clothing she wears supposedly comes from very current stores. Likely because vintage trends are coming back in style, but it works out well for anyone who wants to dress like her.



Clara is a perfect candidate for subtle cosplay as much of her modern looks are everyday looks.

At some point, I’ll be copying one of the looks. I’ve been thinking of getting a jacket like the one in the third picture anyway, which would work out. I’ll keep you posted!




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