Subtle Cosplay

Cosplay is a fantastic expression of creativity of dedicated and devoted fans.

I have yet to actually cosplay with the absolute intention of doing so, because I really don’t count high school Halloween costumes.

But what I’m really interested in starting up is devoting time to subtle cosplay.

The phrase “subtle cosplay” likely has different meanings to different people.

For me it means adapting a character’s style into my clothing choices, and buying choices, but only when it’s done on purpose. It also means that although copying an outfit exactly would be really cool, it’s better for me to emulate the look in a way that also looks good on me. It means making an character’s clothing and personality adapt to fit into the everyday of my life.

It means not deciding once I’m in the outfit that I feel like a certain character, because that isn’t the same process.

It means taking chances that I wouldn’t normally take, and trying out new things.

It also means that I will have to be more comfortable in my skin. If I’m going to put in the effort to model an outfit after someone, character-wise, then I’m going to go the full distance, and be willing to show that I am a fan of whatever I am cosplaying.

Even if no one else knows. Or agrees with my choices.

Just because I have red hair does not mean I’m limiting my choices of characters to just redheads! There are a lot to choose from, but I love characters of other hair colors equally. Mostly.

This is also an indirect way of becoming more comfortable wearing makeup. I’m typically too lazy to do so, but if I’m going to put special effort into my outfits, I’m going to put effort into my hair and makeup.

Polyvore is a site that allows people to create collages, and this has sprouted great ideas of subtle cosplay ideas. This site in particular is full of fantastic Doctor Who ideas.

Here’s another person’s take on the subject of everyday cosplay!

So here are some ideas for some characters that I have at the moment. Subsequent posts will explain and expand! Spaced out over time, of course.


Clara Oswin Oswald from Doctor Who


Claudia Donovan from Warehouse 13


Ziva David from NCIS


Penelope from the film of the same name

I’m also thinking any of the reboot Doctor Who companions, Kaylee and Zoe from Firefly, Belle and Red and Snow from Once Upon A Time, etc. I’m a big fan of a number of stuff, from movies to books to shows. I’ll have a lot of fodder to work with.


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