Beads and Necklaces


If you haven’t noticed from my previous posts on costume plans, I have a minor obsession with jewelry.

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I’ve been beading my own jewelry for years now.

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Remember the craft packs for creating your own daisy chain jewelry?

Perhaps you don’t, but that’s really what got me started with beading.

banner nov 2010

I have my own shop for my jewelry, BeadsAndQuotes, where I also sell hand drawn and illustrated quotes. It’s on a break for the moment, until I return stateside in June.

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I started out simply making stranded jewelry, mostly just eclectic one stranded necklaces and bracelets.


My favorite by far of my older jewelry is this one, which is well worn. I made it in 10th grade, I think, and honestly I’m surprised it has not broken yet.

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Then I graduated into working more with seed beads, the super small and fairly regular in size beads.


And then I became obsessed with beadwoven necklaces. They allow me to use my creativity in a three-dimensional medium. It also puts restraint on my creations, knowing that it should still be able to be worn on a person’s neck.

Sunset Necklace

This one is my master creation. It is my one creation, potentially ever, that turned out nearly exactly as I pictured it. I’ve got the idea drafts to prove it, as well. I modeled it after the sunsets I could see from my dorm room. At the time, I had a room that looked out over a hill. It was partly obstructed by trees, but the magnificence of the sight shone through anyway.

flower - Copy

I brought some of my beading supplies with me on my journey, and am planning on making one of the beadwoven necklaces soon to both reduce the number of beading supplies that will return with me, and to add to my collection of necklaces. I’m going to be creating a post to show you how my process of necklace creation works. Any week (or day or month) now, I promise!


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