Here, have some flowers, and a puppy, and some spying.

Isn’t progress great?

And honestly there is a bit of progress here. Not a lot, but it’s something!

I visited a wonderful multi-floor Forever 21, and bought a few colorful camisoles. One of these will likely end up in the costume.

camisThe store not only had the largest section of colored camisoles and leggings that I have ever seen, but also was very bright and shiny. After about an hour I started to get a headache because it was so shiny.

pinsOver my spring break, I traveled to London and Cardiff and picked up some adorable pins, or badges, whichever word floats your boat.

Claudia tends to wear a number of pins, if not on a jacket then on a purse or messenger bag. I’ve now got quite a few to choose from!

ring2Claudia also tends to wear a bunch of thick rings, so I’ve started my collection. I love this flying owl ring, which is adorable and lovely, and one of the only pieces of jewelry I’ve seen that acknowledges that the owl is a flying bird.


They fly people. They don’t just look cute, standing there blinking at you.

ear cuffI’ve also obtained an ear cuff that will likely not be part of the costume itself, but has definitely opened my mind to ear cuffs for my costume. Now just to look for a sale at Claire’s… Hmmm… That could be a while.

cuffcandleSee, I don’t have pierced ears. It causes some minor problems.

Well, there you have it!



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