Parking Brake

One of my favorite parts about the Eleventh Doctor’s first TARDIS is the time rotor.

It’s the part in the center of the main console that is enclosed in a clear tube and moves up and down.

tardis time rotor

Its also the most gorgeous use of glass sculpture I have seen in a non-museum setting.

Granted, the show did commission said glass piece, but still…

It’s lovely.

And I want one.

You can see a video tour of the TARDIS here, which shows off the TARDIS and mentions the time rotor. It’s so cool!

But for my costume I really wanted to take the time rotor and make a necklace pendant inspired by it, so I’ve created a draft. I’m considering a few ways to do this, but I wanted to create a loose draft.

Then I realized I had only brought black beading thread with me on my study abroad excursion.


P.S. It’s not finished yet.


And looks so much better on a nearly black background.

I also thought I’d let you know, if you happen to care, that I plan on crocheting three blocks on my crochet sweater per day. By that method, I’ll finish the back in about two weeks if I just stay with the three per day. Then I’m over half done.

So far so good!


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